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Should You Upgrade That Small Wedding Ring To Match Your Financial Success?

on Apr 19, 2016: Your wedding ring does not represent or symbolize anything other than your marriage to your spouse. If you want a big diamond get one - wear it on the other hand. The 2 women I know personally who 'upgraded' to that flashy diamond... are both divorced now. LOL. It's not about the diamond, it's…

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Enjoy That Chocolate - And Enter Our Chocolate Giveaway!

on Mar 02, 2016: The chocolate we most have in our home is unsweetened baking chocolate - I use it to make everything from homemade brownies to, chocolate cake, to my family's favorite hot fudge sauce.

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Thinking of Fish For Dinner? Why Not Pass the Genetically Modified Salmon?

on Dec 21, 2015: If they refuse to simply LABEL genetically altered food... what are they hiding? As a consumer we have a right to choose whether or not we want to eat fish that has had its genes altered.