The New Year is upon us, did you make a New Year's resolution?

New Year is usually a great time to reassess the past year and to create some goals and plans for the coming year's events. Everyone seems to have a different approach to the practice of New Year's resolutions. What do you and other SheSpeaks members want to achieve or change in 2008? If you’ve had some real success with a past years’ resolutions we’d love to hear your inspiring stories.

For some people New Year's resolutions can involve a very similar list each year. With renewed willpower and good intentions to stay the course for a healthier and more prosperous year ahead. For others, resolutions require a freshly numbered list of clear and achievable goals. It's very satisfying to achieve that goal and cross it from the list with a feeling of empowerment and motivation to tackle the next milestone resolution. Do you usually write a list or are you more inclined to take some time to think of a mental-list to help you start the year on the right path?

Do you share your resolutions with friends and family or post it somewhere visible? Does this help you to stay on track or have you found you achieve greater success if you keep your list to yourself?

If you answered ‘no’ in the poll perhaps you have never seen the point of creating a list of resolutions or maybe you constantly assess and reset goals in your life – all year round. Is that a successful strategy for your life?

Whatever your New Year's Resolutions we’d love to hear your comments.

We’d also like to wish all the SheSpeaks Members a very happy, healthy and successful 2008!

Yes, I made one and always/mostly stick to them (23.5%)

Yes, I made one but usually don't stick to them (28.2%)

Maybe (8.0%)

No (40.4%)

The New Year is upon us, did you make a New Year's resolution?
  • flgirl By flgirl
    on Jan 08, 2008  

    I don't make a New Years resolutions, because I feel it is too much pressure for me to succeed. Instead if there is something I want to change about myself, I take it one day at a time, but if I don't succeed I know that tommrow is a new day and I can always try agin.

  • haas91 By haas91
    on Jan 08, 2008  

    I ALWAYS make a resolution to lose weight. When it comes to actually doing it I never can figure out how to do it and actually stick to it.

  • adrummond By adrummond
    on Jan 08, 2008  

    I make a resolution to lose weight every year, and then I get pregnant. Now that we have had baby number three and are done, I plan to make this goal of mine come true!

  • moconnell26 By moconnell26
    on Jan 09, 2008  

    I had a baby in September so my resolution is to be more healthy and tone up. I 've already lost the baby weight so I just want to get toned and lead a more active life so I can set a good example for my son.

  • swapnakamat By swapnakamat
    on Jan 09, 2008  

    I would love to believe that I stick to my resolutions, but in vain. Cannot say it's impossible, maybe someday I might win that aspect.

  • TheAimer By TheAimer
    on Jan 10, 2008  

    I made a resolution to be more aware of what is going on around the conuntry and throughout the world. So far, I believe that I am sticking to it for the most part. I have been watching the news rather than a re-run of Friends and have started to read the Sunday paper :)

  • chickb13 By chickb13
    on Jan 10, 2008  

    I only try to make one resolution a year. I usually can stick with it pretty well.

  • uglychick68 By uglychick68
    on Jan 11, 2008  

    No resolutions this year--since the last two years were beyond the realm of awful, 2008 will be much better by default!

  • wendylady By wendylady
    on Jan 11, 2008  

    I tried to think of a resolution, but couldn't think of one thing. This will be the first year, where I have no resolution. I usually forget them by February anyways.

  • fanniemae By fanniemae
    on Jan 12, 2008  

    I used to make New Years resolutions; but, found myself generally breaking them; so, I don't make them anymore.