Which product do you care more about being natural?

Just like many women's hair color, the word 'natural' can mean many things to many people.  More and more beauty companies are launching products under the 'natural' banner, but what does that mean? 

Truthfully, it can run the gamut from the product having a small percentage of plant or essential extracts, to actually being up to 95% organic. Don't fret, there are many brands currently working on creating beauty industry standards to define natural products.

So we would love to hear your point of view... In which category below do you feel more compelled to purchase a product if it claims to be 'natural'?

Baby/maternity (38.5%)

Hair (4.4%)

Skincare/body (37.6%)

Makeup (16.9%)

Fragrance (2.5%)

Which product do you care more about being natural?
  • noellecarleymama By noellecarleymama
    on Dec 12, 2007  

    I chose skin care- natural products are important all-around but if you are so concerned about being natural during pregnancy, then go organic. Once you have the baby, breastfeed!

  • wellcraft By wellcraft
    on Dec 13, 2007  

    Love my skin to stay moisturized, love the feel of soft, smooth, sily all over.

  • pretty By pretty
    on Dec 13, 2007  

    babys' skin is so sensitive and their immune system is not as good as adults that the more natural baby products the more better for baby health

  • alanam By alanam
    on Dec 15, 2007  

    Babies are sensitive, they need natural materials as they are not in a position to tell you what irritates them.

  • mommagoddess By mommagoddess
    on Dec 16, 2007  

    My son is allergic to certain ingredients-unfortently I don't know what they are. It's a hit and miss with it. I do know what brands don't work so I do try to compare labels but doesn't always work So now I try to find body lotions-hand lotions that have natural ingredients

  • jucat5 By jucat5
    on Dec 16, 2007  

    I believe it's important for make up to have natural ingredients. This is a product that wil be on you're skin all day and re-applied through out the day.

  • mlloyd123 By mlloyd123
    on Dec 17, 2007  

    I have oily skin so for me it's important that skincare products are natural, organic, amd not perfumy. I look for all these characteristics when choosing my skincare product line. I also have breakouts so I am very particular about what skincare products I use.

  • 3kidsinmyhouse By 3kidsinmyhouse
    on Dec 17, 2007  

    We are exposed to so much environmentally not in our control it is important we consider what we choose to expose ourselves and our children too.