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What does "back-to-school" mean to you (besides the obvious)?

It's that time of year again. The kids are back-to-school, as evidenced by the throngs in Crocs and oversized backpacks walking past your house every morning at 8-ish. As adults ? and whether or not we have school-aged kids - a lot of us still follow a sort of internal school year clock.

In September, business meetings pile up, household schedules fill beyond reason, and, the days seem to get shorter very quickly. But, there may be something rejuvenating about this season as well?

Fresh start and big plans|It's almost like New Year's (26.2%)

Frantic and overwhelming days|Struggling to get back into the overlapping schedules of life and business (15.1%)

Both a little dread and a little excitement|A lot like when you used to go to school (43.5%)

Hardly notice the back-to-school transition at all|You've planned your life to be more consistent (15.3%)

What does
  • baileym1 By baileym1
    on Sep 30, 2007  

    I am a teacher, so going back to school means a much more hectic pace, and my little one going back to daycare. I can't imagine what it will be when we actually have to go school shopping and helping her transition back into school.

  • sgoble2 By sgoble2
    on Sep 30, 2007  

    It stresses me out cause I never have the money to get what my kids need, and then they get in trouble because of it. (Uniforms) yuck.

  • wendyleeann By wendyleeann
    on Oct 01, 2007  

    Much stress...babysitters to get them out in the morning, hectic wake-up shower schedule.."did you make your lunch yet?" What! You need more money for what? You want supper again today? You ate yesterday!

  • lorri By lorri
    on Oct 02, 2007  

    My grandchildren go back an I am busy altering uniforms