The New Year is upon us, did you make a New Year's resolution?

New Year is usually a great time to reassess the past year and to create some goals and plans for the coming year's events. Everyone seems to have a different approach to the practice of New Year's resolutions. What do you and other SheSpeaks members want to achieve or change in 2008? If you’ve had some real success with a past years’ resolutions we’d love to hear your inspiring stories.

For some people New Year's resolutions can involve a very similar list each year. With renewed willpower and good intentions to stay the course for a healthier and more prosperous year ahead. For others, resolutions require a freshly numbered list of clear and achievable goals. It's very satisfying to achieve that goal and cross it from the list with a feeling of empowerment and motivation to tackle the next milestone resolution. Do you usually write a list or are you more inclined to take some time to think of a mental-list to help you start the year on the right path?

Do you share your resolutions with friends and family or post it somewhere visible? Does this help you to stay on track or have you found you achieve greater success if you keep your list to yourself?

If you answered ‘no’ in the poll perhaps you have never seen the point of creating a list of resolutions or maybe you constantly assess and reset goals in your life – all year round. Is that a successful strategy for your life?

Whatever your New Year's Resolutions we’d love to hear your comments.

We’d also like to wish all the SheSpeaks Members a very happy, healthy and successful 2008!

Yes, I made one and always/mostly stick to them (23.5%)

Yes, I made one but usually don't stick to them (28.2%)

Maybe (8.0%)

No (40.4%)

The New Year is upon us, did you make a New Year's resolution?
  • rexbeach By rexbeach
    on Jan 01, 2008  

    I make resolutions that are reasonable. My big one this year is to evaluate my finances and stick to a budget. Can I do it? Time will tell

  • pengin99 By pengin99
    on Jan 01, 2008  

    I try to make small resoulutions that are actually attainable - that way I have goals that I can really accomplish and be pleased with the results

  • jessieanne By jessieanne
    on Jan 01, 2008  

    I always make a few resolutions and I can keep say 3-5 intact. It is the reward of keeping these resoultions that makes it worthy at Years End.

  • suefields By suefields
    on Jan 01, 2008  

    I plan on paying off my credit cards,

  • sbg4 By sbg4
    on Jan 01, 2008  

    I agree with making attainable resolutions. I think by making the attainable one(s), eventually you'll achieve the big one(s). Here's to tasting sweet success!

  • fairy73 By fairy73
    on Jan 01, 2008  

    i have made resolutions in the past and i never stick to them so i just dont make them anymore LOL happy new year everyone!!!

  • WorkingMom67 By WorkingMom67
    on Jan 02, 2008  

    Always with the best intentions to keep to the resolutions but the same ones healthier, excercise more, be more patient with others as well as myself. Life long resolutions that I occasionally remind myself of but at least at the New Year, it's a good time to check to see if I've made good progress!!

  • kirstensapphire By kirstensapphire
    on Jan 02, 2008  

    My biggest and I think most important new year resolution is to stop procrastinating. I mean, you only live once. You might as well accomplish all the things in your life while you can!

  • Trucky By Trucky
    on Jan 02, 2008  

    I set on my goals. Some of my goals do successfully. Some of them failed. In 2007 my top goals were to paid off the bills. I paid off 5 credit cards. I still have only one credit card left and a loan to pay at. My weakness is diet. I could not lose any weight and it keeps gaining. I have to learn to pick more healthier foods and avoid from junk foods.

  • momofjack By momofjack
    on Jan 02, 2008  

    I don't wait to the new year to make a resolution. At the beginning of each week, I try to do something better or work out more than the week before or cook one more dinner. I feel by doing it on a weekly basis, it is more realistic to actually accomplish.