Which product do you care more about being natural?

Just like many women's hair color, the word 'natural' can mean many things to many people.  More and more beauty companies are launching products under the 'natural' banner, but what does that mean? 

Truthfully, it can run the gamut from the product having a small percentage of plant or essential extracts, to actually being up to 95% organic. Don't fret, there are many brands currently working on creating beauty industry standards to define natural products.

So we would love to hear your point of view... In which category below do you feel more compelled to purchase a product if it claims to be 'natural'?

Baby/maternity (38.5%)

Hair (4.4%)

Skincare/body (37.6%)

Makeup (16.9%)

Fragrance (2.5%)

Which product do you care more about being natural?
  • callie By callie
    on Dec 07, 2007  

    Taking care of your body as you age is very important with the onset of menopause your skin is drying more and needs extra care.

  • Sthrnmissgal By Sthrnmissgal
    on Dec 07, 2007  

    I think it is very important to have healthy and natural products for pregnant woment and babies

  • bsharris By bsharris
    on Dec 07, 2007  

    Its important for mothers to be to check evevery thing they put into or onto their bodies, anything that goes into the mother,s body goes into the baby she is carrying. Why be sorry only after the baby is born with problems, take charge NOW!

  • candacemc72 By candacemc72
    on Dec 07, 2007  

    do not care for chemicals

  • rainydays By rainydays
    on Dec 08, 2007  

    I think it is important that everybody can use all natural products.

  • bad956ss By bad956ss
    on Dec 08, 2007  

    Just like rainydays mentioned, its very important that everybody can use all natural products

  • kirstensapphire By kirstensapphire
    on Dec 08, 2007  

    The more natural a product is the better!

  • amy2002 By amy2002
    on Dec 09, 2007  

    Your face is the first thing most people see on a daily basis and when you clump all this nonsense stuff on it you look like a clown and the down fall after wards is way worse. Natural products on the face makes it look and feel and create a better outlook for you in the future and now.. Honestly anything natural is way better for anybody..

  • quietkath By quietkath
    on Dec 09, 2007  

    My face, I like my face to look fresh My face is very sensitive so I have to use stuff with all natural produts

  • pgh1964 By pgh1964
    on Dec 09, 2007  

    As a retired RN who took care of mothers and babies for most of my career I feel it is very important to use as many natural products for infants as possible. Also because at 63 I was exposed to all kinds of products growing up that had chemicals in them I feel it is important for me now to use natural products. also I agree with bsharris above