How do you normally get your exercise?

We all have such busy and hectic lives. It seems to get harder and harder to find time to exercise at all. Busy women seem to find exercise regimens that work around their days. Some of us make regular training a priority and others get in exercise whenever we can. Regardless, many women note that their exercise time is essential to a basic healthy lifestyle. These women point to clearer thinking, better attitudes and healthier sleeping and eating habits as a benefit to exercise.

What do you think? Does exercise make you feel better? What benefits have you found?

Regular training (gym, fitness dvd, biking or running) (26.0%)

Taking a class (spin, aerobics, pilates) (6.0%)

Who has time for fitness (I chase the kids & clean the house) (26.0%)

Walking by myself, with friends or the dog (41.8%)

How do you normally get your exercise?
  • Mi1onus By Mi1onus
    on Oct 23, 2007  

    I usually workout at home with aerobics videos or pilates/yoga.

  • champagnerose By champagnerose
    on Oct 24, 2007  

    I have been working out for the past four months. I walk for 30 minutes each day and 3 days a week do an additional 30 minutes of weights (using DVD Biggest Loser). Was diagnosed with diabetes and have to take 2 pills a day. Sugar is now all in normal range and may be able to reduce meds to 1 per day!

  • Bobby14 By Bobby14
    on Oct 24, 2007  

    After years without formal exercise, I've signed up with a personal trainer at a gym. He works me like a dog!

    In my younger days, I saw results within a few weeks of regular exercising. Now, not so much.

    While I know it's healthier to exercise than not, it's still a bit discouraging not to see any change in my body...

  • laceyjane By laceyjane
    on Oct 24, 2007  

    I take a walk every day weather permitting, and definatly feel it if I skip it. Plus my dog sulks, but that's a whole other issue. Exercise is great, if you find what works for you. I would never be happy working myself to death at a gym.

  • gottahaveitjen By gottahaveitjen
    on Oct 24, 2007  

    I take a walk with the kids and dog every nite...

  • ladannie By ladannie
    on Oct 24, 2007  

    As I have very limited mobility, my main source of exercise (besides indoor stretching) is walking my chow chow Shadow twice a day. Luckily, my house is located on a nature trail, so I can easily enjoy the outdoor and get exercise at the same time!

  • dfraioli By dfraioli
    on Oct 25, 2007  

    i walk with my dog twice a day then once at night my kids and i take the dog for his last walk

  • caligirl By caligirl
    on Oct 25, 2007  

    I'm 37 years old and it depresses me to know that I'm going to have to workout on a regular basis for the rest of my life. Don't get me wrong, I love to work out, but when I take off one week I feel the effects and realize I have to get back on the wagon! I just want to be lazy every now and then!!

    on Oct 25, 2007  

    I need to work out so badly . My Dr put me on some medicine that packed on 40 pounds in 3 months. I am always tired now that I'm overweight and I barely can keep up with my 4 kids and house work. If anyone has any suggestions how to get back on track . drop a note under here for me =)

  • cometgirl By cometgirl
    on Oct 25, 2007  

    I try to exercise 4-5 times/week. It is like having a job to me..It's a time-committment that I force myself to do, but I definitely feel better afterwards! I have developed more stanima than I had years ago from it and more muscle tone. I know the cardio I do has wonderful benefits for my heart as well. I do believe that if you want to see a difference in your body though, it's all about diet - eating the right things (healthy stuff) primarily and then add in the exercise to tone your body.