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With all the news about a possible US economic recession, are you curbing your spending?

There is so much coverage in the press lately about a potential US economic recession. Some days we hear that its definitely happening and other days economists seem to think things might be ok. It certainly paints an uncertain outlook.

With all of this discussion of a potential economic recession in the US, how is the news impacting your personal spending? Are you thinking twice about ordering that Venti Chai Latte at Starbucks? Or perhaps, you're not going to take that planned family vacation this summer? We're want to know what you think.

Yes (61.1%)

No (13.8%)

Not yet but, I might in the near future (25.3%)

With all the news about a possible US economic recession, are you curbing your spending?
  • americanbisous By americanbisous
    on Mar 04, 2008  

    Personal finances are having a bigger impact on curbing my expenditures than the threat of recession... Which strain really is a result of the overall slowing of the economy. All interconnected, hard to divorce the two.

  • kat_o_nine By kat_o_nine
    on Mar 04, 2008  

    My husband's job is very secure so I'm not too worried about the recession. I tend to be cautious and frugal to begin with, though, especially when I'm starting to see so many forclosure signs around. The signs have increased to an alarming number and it's absolutely heart-breaking to see. There are a lot of people who are already hurting.

  • magley911 By magley911
    on Mar 04, 2008  

    I have to agree with kat_o_nine. I see how the economy has affected the people surrounding me and wish I could do more to help. It also makes me realize that I am just a step away from the same situation. The state of the economy in my state is causing a mass move to other states. Many friends have already left. It's frustrating to think that we are vitually helpless in this respect. I am one of the lucky ones so far.

  • mothertick By mothertick
    on Mar 04, 2008  

    The cost of heating oil is really hurting everyone. I spent over 4000 dollars putting in a Blaze King. I know it will pay for itself. Also the price of gas is keeping me from going to visit my Grandchildren as much as I used to. Hope things improve.

  • laurdriz By laurdriz
    on Mar 05, 2008  

    Absolutley, how can you afford to live in this day and age.

  • poniap By poniap
    on Mar 05, 2008  

    I am starting to live & spend conservatively like never before. When the average person is cutting back on spending - because of personal finances - it's only a matter of time til the self employed business owners feel the same finacial strain. When people spend less money eventually it hits home with everyone.

    Live green, buy less, waste less.

    The biggest way to save on your grocery bill - is to waste less of what you buy.

  • thinkinggirl By thinkinggirl
    on Mar 05, 2008  

    I am so thankful for the way my husband helps me to see the importantance of spending wisely. I use to buy clothes,food,ect because its on sale not because I need it.He helped me to buy what I need so as to avoid waste.He is also a very handy man around the home he fixes and repair things so I dont have to call a repair man,so I save money,I feel bad for those who are finding it hard to make a living because of the finacial strain that faces us all,but think about it,the bible said these times would be hard to deal with.

  • kirstensapphire By kirstensapphire
    on Mar 06, 2008  

    Where I live you can't even get a decent three bedroom house without spending three quarters of a million on it. It seems like these days you have to be a millionare to live the "American Dream"! It's too bad that's reality, however if you shop on sale and use coupons like I do, you would be amazed on how much money you can save!

  • amy2002 By amy2002
    on Mar 06, 2008  

    Did anyone watch Oprah the other day about the "freegans" After watching that show I have a different aspect on what we do with my families money as gas, electric and many others keep rising up, I have found the way after watching Oprah on that topic to save and take whats just being thrown out for no paticular reason besides the fact that no one had use for it any longer. I mean come on if you could just see the stuff that people waste, its silly....

  • westcoaster By westcoaster
    on Mar 06, 2008  

    just downgraded my cable services yesterday for this very reason.