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Do you think of Valentine's Day as:

With Valentine's Day is around the corner we started to wonder how other women think of this day? For some of us it seems like a good day to celebrate the love you share with that special someone. For others it proves to be a source of annoyance, pressure or frustration.

Have you ever been the one woman in your office, school or neighborhood to not get flowers?!

So, what do you think of Valentine's Day? We want to know.

Something you look forward to celebrating (58.9%)

A nuisance/silly (23.5%)

A lonely/empty day (9.5%)

An excuse to break your diet (8.2%)

Do you think of Valentine's Day as:
  • duongtran By duongtran
    on Feb 02, 2008  

    I have never seen valentines day as a romantic day. I believe that certain pre-determined dates such as anniversary are romantic, but not this day.

  • freeman727 By freeman727
    on Feb 02, 2008  

    It is the day my husband I got engaged so it is special to us.

  • JSWedel By JSWedel
    on Feb 02, 2008  

    I enjoy children's reactions the most on this day. They love choosing & giving Valentine cards and receiving candy hearts that they love reading.

  • imskittlestoo By imskittlestoo
    on Feb 02, 2008  

    Everyday of the year we say "I Love You!!" But on Valentines day, we say a few extra ones.

  • HollyLou By HollyLou
    on Feb 02, 2008  

    I am very happily married but still look at this day as kind of silly. My children love this day, so I enjoy how excited they get about getting Valentines from their friends at school.

  • blessednina By blessednina
    on Feb 02, 2008  

    Silly or not I still look forward to "V-Day"! I enjoy sending cards out to special people in my life to let them know that they are close to my heart! This year I get to assist my grand-daughter with making her box for school and I'm just as excited as she is. My husband and I exchange home-made cards which is alot of fun!

  • didama By didama
    on Feb 02, 2008  

    One year I was the only woman in my office to not get flowers! That was me! It was so depressing :( I feel like it is a lot of silly pressure.

  • ne1home By ne1home
    on Feb 02, 2008  

    I look forward to Valentines Day. I love to watch the kids get so excited over some cute little things we pick up at the store. The day for me is silly but it is fun to send out cards and make people smile.

  • qenohrts By qenohrts
    on Feb 02, 2008  

    If you do not love or are not loved the other 364 days of the year, Valentine's Day doesn't really make up for it. Our attitude and actions towards those we love should not be limited to a commercial holiday.

  • snowgirl2242 By snowgirl2242
    on Feb 02, 2008  

    I love any excuse to be romantic with my boyfriend!