How do you normally get your exercise?

We all have such busy and hectic lives. It seems to get harder and harder to find time to exercise at all. Busy women seem to find exercise regimens that work around their days. Some of us make regular training a priority and others get in exercise whenever we can. Regardless, many women note that their exercise time is essential to a basic healthy lifestyle. These women point to clearer thinking, better attitudes and healthier sleeping and eating habits as a benefit to exercise.

What do you think? Does exercise make you feel better? What benefits have you found?

Regular training (gym, fitness dvd, biking or running) (26.0%)

Taking a class (spin, aerobics, pilates) (6.0%)

Who has time for fitness (I chase the kids & clean the house) (26.0%)

Walking by myself, with friends or the dog (41.8%)

How do you normally get your exercise?
  • princesslucymay By princesslucymay
    on Oct 22, 2007  

    I have been exercising 4 mornings a week at 5:30 a.m. for many years. Everyone says I am nuts, and of course I would prefer to sleep later but how many of us have that luxury? If I skip a week, I definitely feel it, my back, body aches. I wouldn't say I LOVE to exercise but I would say I could not live without it. It energizes me :)

  • didama By didama
    on Oct 22, 2007  

    I try to take a class when I can. It helps to keep me on a schedule and hold me accountable to someone else to show up! I find that just joining a gym does not seem to motivate me to exercise!

  • zoethegreat By zoethegreat
    on Oct 22, 2007  

    I find that I never have enough time to exercise. Since having children, there always seem to be something else that is more important to attend to. My friends who do exercise say that it really helps them stay fit, healthy AND happy! I just need to make time for it.

  • jnn_75 By jnn_75
    on Oct 22, 2007  

    I go to the gym twice a day a few days a week,a nd workout a total of 6 days per week. When I do not go to the gym Ifeel lethargic and guilty!

  • hopefulmom By hopefulmom
    on Oct 22, 2007  

    I feel so good when I exercise. Unfortunately it is so easy to find an excuse not to do it. I really want to get back into the habbit again. I always seem to be able to make time to read or watch tv so.....

  • nodaddy220 By nodaddy220
    on Oct 22, 2007  

    I get out atleast five times a day to walk my dog Precious. She is what my kids call our Taco Bell dog. So she needs to get out a lot. Plus my daughter is into cheerleading, girlscouts and track so we are constantly out doing something for one or the other. So I am hardly at home doing nothing.

  • oscarbaby By oscarbaby
    on Oct 22, 2007  

    Iwalk my dog for exercise.He loves it!

  • laperez2007 By laperez2007
    on Oct 22, 2007  

    I workout at home and I love it. I workout to she is great!

  • drboos By drboos
    on Oct 22, 2007  

    With the economy as bad as it is, I have had to take on a second job to keep the lifestyle we are accustomed to. With two jobs a toddler and teenager, who has time for working out?!?

  • highlander By highlander
    on Oct 23, 2007  

    I take a Pilates class - mostly for the benefit of the stretching. Keeping up with my teenage boy and his school and activities gives me my "aerobic exercise".