What is your favorite date night activity with husband or significant other?

With longer days and better weather (in general), summer months may make us feel like we have more time or inspiration to actually go out for a few hours with our husband or partner (Concert by the lake! Picnic in the park!). Who knows why we wait so long to get that babysitter or carve the opening in our calendars, but that is also why what we actually DO with those few hours can be so telling.

Are you most interested in having an uninterrupted conversation or in hitting the town? Do you love to be outside together or really prefer to head straight to it – the romance?

Dinner and conversation|Neither of us has to cook and we can really touch base. (61.8%)

Movie and a drink|It is very much about relaxation and doing something we can't normally do with our kids. (16.7%)

Walk, bike ride or other moving/outdoor activity|Anything outdoors and moving helps to get great conversations flowing, get our hearts beating and put smiles on our faces. (15.5%)

Get a room and straight to romance (6.0%)

What is your favorite d…
  • didama By didama
    on Aug 13, 2007  

    With two small children, it seems like having someone else cook dinner and being able to talk to my husband without interruption, is a tremendous luxury! That gets my vote!

  • zoethegreat By zoethegreat
    on Aug 13, 2007  

    My husband and I fell in love while rock climbing. It would still be my first choice for a date. Its exhilarating and something that you have to do together in order to succeed. You always feel a sense of accomplishment when you're done. That's a nice added bonus!

  • garfield65 By garfield65
    on Aug 15, 2007  

    garfield65 says:

    Me and my husband fell in love at the beach and at home at least once a month we make our own beach night until it is our anniversary and then we always make our annual trip to the beach.

  • boogiedoo2003 By boogiedoo2003
    on Aug 16, 2007  

    My husband and I both work alot and don't get much time together alone. It's nice to be able to go out and have some time together with no interuptions.

  • raka1214 By raka1214
    on Aug 17, 2007  

    I love the ability to sit down, not worrying about dinner, kids, dogs, household chores, etc., eat a good meal and enjoy my husband. He interests me greatly and there is nothing better than sharing my day/week/month/year/LIFE with him. It's amazing just how intimate a conversation can be with the one you love.

  • drama_mama By drama_mama
    on Aug 17, 2007  

    My husband and I have been together for a total of 22 years. Going out to dinner and a couple of drinks, just the two of us w/o the kids has been a great way for us to nuture our relationship with each other. We talk about anything and everything. After all, he's still my best friend and what are best friends for!

    on Aug 18, 2007  

    Its imposible to do anything when you have 4 kids... You have to make plans like 3 months ahead of time ...

  • bratmonkeymd By bratmonkeymd
    on Aug 20, 2007  

    My spouse and I have a permanent Friday night date... Every Friday night, we go out for at least dinner together, although it is generally followed by a movie or a visit to our favorite coffee house for some live music and desert. Then once a month, we escape for a night in a motel, away from the kids, dogs, etc. The date for escape night is easy to plan for, we do it on the date of our anniversary every month.