What type of summertime person are you? Do you stay closer to home or hit the road?

Summer seems to be a time when people allow themselves a bit more space to experience: their families, the natural world, and new places ? either via books or travel.  Why do we choose these months to balance out our otherwise hectic fall, winter, spring lives?  Because the sun tells us to!  Something about open windows and screen doors, cut grass and the sound of fireworks on the 4th, re-calibrates our ways. Even the frantic scheduling of camps and daycare for otherwise schooled kids can't take the "aaahhh" away from June through August for most of us.  So, what type of "summer-er" person are you?  Do you stay closer to home or hit the road?

Around home|Gardening, barbecues, backyard swimming pools (49.1%)

Daytripper|Exploring nearby parks and beaches, museums and such (36.4%)

Domestic journeyer|Seeing the sights of the good old USA (6.7%)

International explorer|In the summer, the world is my oyster (7.6%)

What type of summertime…
  • didama By didama
    on Jul 05, 2007  

    I love exploring the areas right around me. There never seems to be time to do this during the rest of the year. We make a point to take our family to a few spots that are beautiful and worth visiting during the summer time. During the rest of the year, we'll plan a couple of trips that are further away. But, summertime is all about our area!

  • kaykay By kaykay
    on Jul 05, 2007  

    I consider myself more of a house mouse. I spend alot of time on the computer, love to spend time cooking, and am totally in love with my beautiful flower gardens. So home is my faverite place.

  • jemappel By jemappel
    on Jul 06, 2007  

    I used to think the summer was time to get out and get away. But then I realized I like staying around my home area more. There's plenty to explore around home and going anywhere in our area - NYC - takes so long because there's so much traffic...and the last thing i want to do is spend my summer in the car!! I also decided that the summer is overrated and I like to get out more in the fall and winter anyway...

  • pamgeo59 By pamgeo59
    on Jul 06, 2007  

    i like to be at home but when it's nice weather i love to be doing something outside the house.

  • mjp199 By mjp199
    on Jul 07, 2007  

    While I haven't been out of the country for 3 years, I consider myself all of the above. We garden, play outdoor sports, take "field trips," and pick a vacation spot far enough away to make it worth the flight.

  • sonyab1974 By sonyab1974
    on Jul 07, 2007  

    I'm a home body. I like staying home.. I go online and talk to my friends and family on the phone.. :)

  • zoethegreat By zoethegreat
    on Jul 08, 2007  

    The summer is such a fantastic time to travel the world. It seems like everyone is on vacation and I actually enjoy that! I love picking an international spot and then spending wonderful days (and nights) exploring a new culture. It really helps give you a better perspective on your life back home.

  • redheadwebb53 By redheadwebb53
    on Jul 10, 2007  

    No comment!

  • redheadwebb53 By redheadwebb53
    on Jul 10, 2007  

    I like road trips,but I love to fly.

  • August_mommy06 By August_mommy06
    on Jul 10, 2007  

    Before having my son, I was always on the go. Now that he is here and almost a year old, I like to go still, but more around town (state). I like him to get out and see things and go swimming and things like that.