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Are you ready for fall?

Fall is just around the corner! How do you feel about that?

Yes, fall is my favorite! (66.0%)

No, summer can stay! (22.0%)

I'm indifferent about the transition from summer to fall. (12.0%)

Are you ready for fall?
  • Superman7 By Superman7
    on Sep 16, 2021  

    No summer can stay

  • LoriLoriBear By LoriLoriBear
    on Sep 17, 2021  

    I love every season ❤️They all have wonderful things about them! 
    Fall has beautiful leaves and cool crisp days 🍁 
    Winter has snow and Christmas 🎅🏻 
    Spring is warm and filled with beautiful flowers 🌸 
    Summer has swimming and long days to play outside ☀️

  • minou45 By minou45
    on Sep 17, 2021  

    Fall is typically less humid than spring and summer. It's the one season that can be just plain comfortable!

  • RubyMama By RubyMama
    on Sep 18, 2021  

    I love everything about fall, especially that we celebrate so many fall birthdays in my family! Bring on the pumpkin-everything!

  • doublet9397 By doublet9397
    on Sep 18, 2021  

    I'm ready for Halloween 🎃 

  • Crazedangel By Crazedangel
    on Sep 18, 2021  

    Started decorataing for Halloween last month. Love summer. Love Halloween. Everything else can go.

  • Jenny391 By Jenny391
    on Sep 18, 2021  

    Fall is my absolute favorite, it's the kickoff to the holidays!  Can't wait for cooler weather and some snow this year.

  • Hancock570 By Hancock570
    on Sep 21, 2021  

    I love fall I actually live on the gulf coast and its so hot so a good cool off is great 

  • browneyes78 By browneyes78
    on Sep 22, 2021  

    I'm indifferent because I live in FL and we don't really have fall.

  • wintergreen83 By wintergreen83
    on Sep 22, 2021  

    I love fall, but I'm in FL and nothing changes here, I hate it.