Do you own an air fryer?

Air fryers have really grown in popularity over the last two years. Are you a proud owner of one? 

Yes! (64.4%)

No, but I want one. (32.2%)

No, and I'm not really interested in air fryers. (3.6%)

Do you own an air fryer?
  • Desmcm By Desmcm
    on Aug 16, 2021  

    I love my air fryer and all the different functions it cooks food quickly too 

  • khall03 By khall03
    on Aug 17, 2021  

    I love using our airfryer, we just need to upgrade to a bigger one!

  • Cbray8872 By Cbray8872
    on Aug 17, 2021  

    I would love to have one

  • Mamawolf07 By Mamawolf07
    on Aug 17, 2021  

    I love mine almost never use the oven or stove anymore 

  • Lovingmy_6 By Lovingmy_6
    on Aug 18, 2021  

    Love my airfryer! I got mine a few months ago and haven't used my stove since.

  • paulazelaya By paulazelaya
    on Aug 19, 2021  

    I love it! I use it all the time