What are your thoughts on natural deodorant?

With medical reports showing that the chemicals in deodorant can cause cancers, natural deodorants, both store-bought and homemade, have become more popular. What do you think?


I use natural deodorant and love it! (6.4%)

I tried natural deodorant but went back to regular. (42.0%)

I just can't give up regular deodorant! (32.2%)

I go back and forth between natural and regular. (19.3%)

What are your thoughts on natural deodorant?
  • vspeaks By vspeaks
    on Jul 15, 2021  

    Arm & Hammer Fresh Rosemary & Lavender Scented Deodorant works great! It is free from aluminum, paraben, and phtalates.

  • Vontino By Vontino
    on Jul 17, 2021  


  • Mamawolf07 By Mamawolf07
    on Jul 19, 2021  

    I used the dove one and it made me sweat more my shirt was soaked went right back.