How do you take your eggs?

There are so many egg-cellent ways to cook them! 

Hard boiled (61.5%)

Soft boiled (15.5%)

Scrambled (61.5%)

Sunny side up (23.1%)

Over easy (38.5%)

Over medium (30.7%)

Over hard (7.6%)

Poached (7.6%)

I don't eat eggs! (0.0%)

How do you take your eggs?
  • Shae1998 By Shae1998
    on Jul 13, 2021  

    Like to have my hard boiled egg, two strips of bacon and two slices of honey wheat bread.

  • PariM786 By PariM786
    on Jul 13, 2021  

    Yes, Eggs are not only high in protein, they also contain many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. So, bacon and eggs really can be a healthy breakfast option.