What are your favorite burger toppings?

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Cheese (89.5%)

Lettuce (68.4%)

Tomato (42.2%)

Onion (52.5%)

Bacon (36.9%)

Pickles (63.1%)

Ketchup (57.8%)

Mustard (63.1%)

Kranch ( (a mix of ketchup and ranch) (21.1%)

Other (leave a comment) (10.5%)

I'm not a burger fan (0.0%)

What are your favorite burger toppings? Image Credit : thiswortheylife.com/burger-board
  • pinkpoodle By pinkpoodle
    on Jun 07, 2021  


  • yevabunny By yevabunny
    on Jun 09, 2021  

    Grilled onions are a must!