How are you "giving back" during the holiday season this year?

Tell us about your experience helping others this year.


Giving money to charity (43.5%)

Donating clothing, toys, food and/or other items (54.0%)

Volunteering my time (18.4%)

I did not volunteer/donate (19.8%)

How are you
  • Midlifeswag By Midlifeswag
    on Dec 23, 2020  

    We donate our time throughout the year.

  • mendoncabrittany By mendoncabrittany
    on Dec 23, 2020  

    Giving back is something important to me I give back by donating my time to the less fortunate helping others when needed Teaching children the beauty of arts and crafts And always  Donating to the less fortunate with things I don't need things I think they need and what not

  • indiana_girl By indiana_girl
    on Dec 25, 2020  

    My church: I run the sound booth and Facebook live the service.  We still have church.  We are a small one.

    I am an active member of the American Legion both the Post side and Auxiliary side and we do several projects that help others.

    I donate my used stuff.

  • crysrocke By crysrocke
    on Dec 28, 2020  

    My husband and I have connected with a local supermarket and we pick up food donations and distribute them throughout the community four days a week.  We have had the honor of feedings hundred of people.  What a blessing!