What's your gift-wrapping style?

How do you usually give gifts - with wrapping paper, bags, boxes, ribbons, bows... Tell us more!


As extravagant as can be - that's part of the gift! (14.0%)

Festive but not overboard (53.5%)

As simple as can be (27.8%)

I don't wrap it - it's the gift they want! (4.7%)

What's your gift-wrapping style?
  • Kelsieb753 By Kelsieb753
    on Dec 16, 2020  

    Merry Christmas !

  • Ashiah By Ashiah
    on Dec 17, 2020  

    Happy Holidays!!

  • MonaLizaLovlyhun12 By MonaLizaLovlyhun12
    on Dec 17, 2020  

    the wrapping paper ends up in the garbage every year.