What are your go-to snacks right now?

What snacks are you eating/making?

Salty, i.e. chips, pretzels, french fries, popcorn (55.8%)

Sweet, i.e., chocolate, candy, ice cream, baked goods (58.9%)

Health-conscious, i.e., trail mix, granola, nuts (11.8%)

Fruit and/or veggies (41.1%)

Cereal (17.6%)

Other (leave a comment) (5.8%)

I'm not a snacker (0.0%)

What are your go-to snacks right now?
  • elizdup By elizdup
    on May 04, 2020  

    I try soooooo hard not to buy chocolate and or ice cream etc.  Gaining while home 😔

  • Danielle1456 By Danielle1456
    on May 04, 2020  

    I love gold fish (salty), coco pebbles for sweet and strawberries for fruit :) 

  • shireenkrishan By shireenkrishan
    on May 04, 2020  

    Anything and Everything

  • brunettegal8 By brunettegal8
    on May 20, 2020  

    Nutella to go has been something that I have gravitated towards. It's nice to have a little Nutella that already comes with dipping breadsticks. Strawberries and bananas are my go-to fruits. Looking forward to the summer months for the best watermelon.