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Netflix's "Tiger King" has been a big hit, even releasing a bonus episode this weekend. Have you watched this reality series?

    What do you think about the show?

Yes, I've watched and I'm a fan (34.5%)

Yes, I've watched it, but it's not my thing (12.0%)

I haven't watched it but I plan to (15.5%)

No thanks, not going to watch it (38.0%)

Netflix's Image Credit : Netflix
  • Momma2Six By Momma2Six
    on Apr 13, 2020  

    Tigers are wild animals.  We hate confinement because of Coronavirus.  How do you think these animals feel confined as pets?  No matter how you think you've bonded with a tiger it is still a wild animal.  When it gets bored enough, or upset enough with confinement, the excitement of live prey (its owner) becomes a real threat to the lives of both the keeper and the tiger.  Do Not promote this cruelty in any way.

  • Mgoble36 By Mgoble36
    on Apr 14, 2020  

    It's just so crazy and such z train wreck, it seems like a work of fiction. I think that's what is fascinating. You know it's a train wreck waiting to happen but you can't stop watching. A guilty pleasure.

  • janiea By janiea
    on Apr 14, 2020  

    I don't care about the people in this story. I care about the animals, especially the endangered animals! Do they even use a veterinarian or just decide which animals to euthanize?

  • shopmom By shopmom
    on Apr 15, 2020  

    I did see it and thought the "tiger king" was discusting. A very selfish man who thought it was totally okay to keep wild animals for his own pleasure. He said how much he loved the tigers but there was a scene of him hitting them when they didn't do what he wanted or doing what he didn't want. Ugh! Very disturbing.