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It's been a stressful time. What are you doing to help yourself relax?

What has helped you? What tips do you suggest for others?

Exercising/Going for walks (44.2%)

Baking/Cooking (44.2%)

Mediation/yoga/other relaxation practices (30.2%)

Distracting myself with TV, books, music, podcasts, etc. (69.8%)

Avoiding reading/watching too much about Coronavirus (39.5%)

Staying in contact with friends & family through phone, texting, social media, etc. (58.2%)

Other (leave a comment) (4.7%)

I'm not feeling extra stressed right now (4.7%)

It's been a stressful time. What are you doing to help yourself relax?
  • Majestas By Majestas
    6 days ago  

    There is a lot of panic going on right now. Some people are taking things too far, others are not taking it seriously. It's often because those people don't understand how this illness spreads and that it will mutate unless we stop it. Fear mongering and politicizing this is making it worse. Following medical advice about sanitizing surfaces and washing hands, and social distancing will keep us safer and healthier.

  • Kkennedy102117 By Kkennedy102117
    6 days ago  

    I'm mostly enjoying the time with my kids and my husband. It's nice to have is home all at once. (Most of the time)

  • indywoman By indywoman
    5 days ago  

    I have been taking long walks twice a day with Sky my rescue, she is super sweet and very exvited that I'm home from work. I have taking on more home projects. Stay Healthy Everyone

  • rawknroll By rawknroll
    5 days ago  

    Videogames have always been my mental health time; they're a great way to blow off steam and bond with friends from all over the world (from a safe distance!). So that during the day, with my partner and our friends, and then a gentle comedy or ASMR in bed to clear my head so I can sleep. Because stress on its own is bad for your immune system, and it also affects your sleep which is doubly impactful on your health. I remind myself of that regularly too and it helps me put down the news.

    Be well, everyone. Stay home, save a life.

  • Ritac42 By Ritac42
    5 days ago  

    I do a lot of surveys to pass time and I really try to distance myself from to much news.