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What are your New Year's Resolution(s)?

What are you doing to make sure you keep your resolutions?

Lose weight and/or get healthier (37.5%)

Get organized (45.8%)

Spend less/Save more money (54.2%)

Learn something new (29.1%)

Spend more time with family (29.1%)

Making a more positive impact through volunteering or donations (16.7%)

Other (leave a comment) (8.4%)

No resolutions for me! (12.5%)

What are your New Year's Resolution(s)?
  • pcangel By pcangel
    on Jan 01, 2020  

    This year I want to be more organized.Spend less and save more.Hope and pray for good health for my family and friends

  • Autumnkat By Autumnkat
    on Jan 01, 2020  

    I want to travel!

  • LavenderCaffeine By LavenderCaffeine
    on Jan 02, 2020  

    Reduce my stress!