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Have you finished your holiday shopping yet?

What did you buy that you are most excited about giving?

Yes, I'm ready! (19.8%)

I'm close - just a few more things to buy (54.0%)

No, I have so much left to do! (26.4%)

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet?
  • Jenny391 By Jenny391
    on Dec 18, 2019  

    I was done with my shopping in October.

  • CatsMom By CatsMom
    on Dec 18, 2019  

    I can't wait for my Mom to open her new wallet and cardholder. It's in one of her favorite colors, wine/burgundy.

  • Kayla414 By Kayla414
    on Dec 19, 2019  

    I've still got stocking stuffers to get, and a tattoo appt to set up for my son! Along with few more gifts, ok hardly close to done! Ha!!

  • SBasulto20 By SBasulto20
    on Dec 19, 2019  

    No this has honestly been a extremely difficult year for me as I have been dealing with the fact my mom has Alzheimer's and will never be the mom I once knew. (& the daughter she once knew and loved. 😰) Doing all I can to get in the spirit for my little ones, but have to admit it's been hard...

  • m93312 By m93312
    on Dec 19, 2019  

    Not really feeling the Christmas spirit this year, lost my mom and difficult to adapt yet.

  • Pearltree By Pearltree
    on Dec 19, 2019  

    Waiting for my husband to tell me what he wants he is such a last minute person. I'm trying to get in the spirit.

  • Kaylee96jane By Kaylee96jane
    on Dec 19, 2019  

    Would be awesome gift!

  • sweetdestiny1971 By sweetdestiny1971
    on Dec 19, 2019  

    Sadly I don't have any money to buy anything since I lost everything I owned 8 months ago so there is no tree or gifts this year

  • albrew By albrew
    on Dec 19, 2019  

    It even close to finishing my shopping

  • 1Kicen By 1Kicen
    on Dec 20, 2019