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What are your favorite holiday traditions?

What special traditions do you have in your family?

Cooking special foods, such as baking cookies (50.7%)

Eating those special foods! (47.8%)

Decorating the house (49.3%)

Shopping (22.5%)

Wrapping presents (30.9%)

Holiday cards (21.1%)

Spending time with family/friends (76.0%)

Surprising the kids (32.4%)

Other (leave a comment) (1.5%)

What are your favorite holiday traditions?
  • Caseybeckwith By Caseybeckwith
    on Dec 09, 2019  

    I like to penny shop and discount shop to donate to those in need

  • MDYates99 By MDYates99
    on Dec 09, 2019  

    It is a time od reminiscing.

  • rolliepollie By rolliepollie
    on Dec 09, 2019  

    I miss what Christmas was when I was a kid.

  • ERA2015 By ERA2015
    on Dec 10, 2019  

    Also watching people open gifts/gift giving

  • daUPhere By daUPhere
    on Dec 10, 2019  

    Shopping! I love to buy gifts for others. I'm always looking for unique and meaningful gifts, often things that I think the other person didn't even know existed, but wondered where it was all their lives.

  • nikkiaust17 By nikkiaust17
    on Dec 10, 2019  

    Watching my son open presents. The mess after isn't great haha but so worth it!

  • comedownplays By comedownplays
    on Dec 10, 2019  

    How do I get staeted

  • BetsyL72 By BetsyL72
    on Dec 10, 2019  

    I love spending time with my family and I think homes look so cozy when decorated for Christmas.

  • Caregiver59 By Caregiver59
    on Dec 10, 2019  

    Most of our family has passed away so getting together with family is so important to me