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How comfortable are you eating in a restaurant alone?


I have no issue with it (37.3%)

I'm ok with it - I will be on my phone or bring something to read (38.7%)

Not so comfortable - I avoid it if I can (24.0%)

How comfortable are you eating in a restaurant alone?
  • Neen215 By Neen215
    on Nov 06, 2019  

    I think it's super awkward, and try to avoid being in that situation, if and when possible! 😁

  • Zackmum By Zackmum
    on Nov 07, 2019  

    I don't like it, I would rather have a family outing at the restaurant.

  • browneyes78 By browneyes78
    on Nov 07, 2019  

    I avoid it at all costs, lol. Just uncomfortable to me.

  • Blair199120 By Blair199120
    on Nov 07, 2019  

    I honestly feel indifferent about giving my opinion because I have never actually ate at a place by myself... Maybe sat there while whoever I was with walked somewhere like the restroom and I can't say I feel uncomfortable or anything but I don't love it persay. But without me truly having done it by myself how can I really honestly say if I am comfortable with it or not.

  • Aldo218 By Aldo218
    on Nov 07, 2019  

    I have no problem with it. I have had to travel on my own a lot and have a spouse who has been deployed. Being alone wouldn't deter me from having a good meal. To be honest, sometimes I really enjoy it.