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When you are walking through a door behind someone else, do you expect that they should hold it open for you?

When do you hold the door open for someone else? When you expect it to be opened for you?

Yes! It's common courtesy (61.5%)

Depends on circumstance (34.4%)

No. It's not necessary (4.2%)

When you are walking through a door behind someone else, do you expect that they should hold it open for you?
  • Meganthony35 By Meganthony35
    on Jul 30, 2019  

    Being courteous and polite seem to be a rarity these days, sadly. It is common courtesy to hold the door for someone.

  • Wntpce By Wntpce
    on Jul 31, 2019  

    I think this should happen more often than it does now. Being courteous to a stranger is not that hard. I have physical disabilities and walk with a cane. I have had people open doors for me and i have had people slam it in my face. It is the person.

  • pixistyx By pixistyx
    on Jul 31, 2019  

    In my experience, most men will hold the door for me. I never know if it's a woman. As long as the people are a reasonable distance behind me near the door, I like to hold the door for everyone, just to be polite.

  • Malinda By Malinda
    on Jul 31, 2019  

    Yes, it's common courtesy but if the person in front of me is an elderly person, or a mother with her arms full of children and not a free hand, I certainly do not expect it.

  • karen4533001 By karen4533001
    on Jul 31, 2019  

    Common courtesy is lacking today. I have seen many women get into a revolving door and expect me to push them through, since they are too busy on the phone. I always hold a door open for others, but I won't push you when in a revolving door because you are too lazy or distracted.

  • pure34 By pure34
    on Jul 31, 2019  

    Holding a door is a common courtesy but I am one of those people that are jaded. I am always courteous butI learned to not expect in return. And it depends on the situation when it calls for it.

  • rolliepollie By rolliepollie
    on Jul 31, 2019  

    I always hold the door for the person behind me. If someone is close a lot of times I hold it open and let them go first. But I always hold it til they get a hold of it.

  • Kassiekinzzz By Kassiekinzzz
    on Aug 01, 2019  

    Common courtsy should just be commin sense. It is a thing you shouldn't have to think about before doing.

  • BABWPrincess By BABWPrincess
    on Aug 01, 2019  

    I have many health issues & am in severe pain all over 24/7, but I still hold the door open for others. I would feel bad about it if I didn't! Too many times, people have shut the door right on me, even if they see me completely doubled over in pain or when I was wearing a sling after hand & elbow surgery. They do that to my mom too, even when she has her cane or is riding on her scooter! It is sad how little common courtesy is out there these days! Hold the door open for everyone! Besides the fact that it's common courtesy, you never know if that person is weak, in pain, or has had a bad day! It is especially essential to hold the door item for those in a wheelchair/scooter, pushing a stroller, wearing a cast, using a cane, etc.

  • MariaReviewsAll By MariaReviewsAll
    on Aug 01, 2019  

    Unless you're in the biggest hurry ever, it doesn't cost you to help someone out, even holding a door can make someone's dark day a little brighter. Besides, you never know who you just helped out