Have you changed where you purchase beauty products (cosmetics, haircare, etc.) because of the economic downturn? Yes, I'm more likely to purchase beauty products...

According to the press, retailers and cosmetic companies, amidst the recession, women are still buying beauty.  We were curious to hear where you still shop for these products? 

Are you shopping for these products that way that you did in the past?  We want to know what you think!

On a home shopping channel (2.4%)

At drugstores and supermarkets (42.5%)

On the Internet (10.5%)

At specialty stores like Sephora and Ulta (8.2%)

At department stores (8.0%)

No, I haven't changed where I purchase beauty products (42.4%)

Have you changed <u>where</u> you purchase beauty products (cosmetics, haircare, etc.) because of the economic downturn?  Yes, I'm <u>more</u> likely to purchase beauty products...
  • pennsgal By pennsgal
    on May 06, 2009  

    Definately, I will choose the drugstores for certain products - but there are a few things that I won't scrimp on that have to be bought at the departmaent store. I have found that I can save a few dollars on those brands by shopping at Outlets. Perfume, I'm just not buying - however. I'll wait for Christmas or my birthday to ask for it, if I'm in need. Right now, I'm using up all I have.

  • zxcvbnm By zxcvbnm
    on May 06, 2009  

    Definitely at a specialty store since they are staffed with those that are more knowledgeable in the area than I am and I can ask questions which product(s) will work best for me. But even then it will depend on the price of the product since I don't have that much money to begin with.

  • sherondeborah By sherondeborah
    on May 06, 2009  

    I have been continuing to shop at Saks and now buy in "bulk" during their friends and family discount events...also collect and use their points for discounts

  • angelaryan15 By angelaryan15
    on May 06, 2009  

    I used to be a department store junkie.Now im using all the extra makeup i have lying around,it will be awhile until it runs out,after that,ill only buy the more expensive wrinkle creams,makeup is makeup.

  • julie1351 By julie1351
    on May 06, 2009  

    I don't buy make up very often. I hardly wear it..

  • smelko47 By smelko47
    on May 06, 2009  

    I am an Independent Avon Rep. therefore I generally only use Avon products.

  • jenndta69 By jenndta69
    on May 06, 2009  

    I still purchase from the same places. However, I am more incline to use a coupon now for my purchase. Also, I try to stretch my dollar farther by only buying when I am out of a certain product. Nothing on a whim.

  • Pepperjune By Pepperjune
    on May 06, 2009  

    I used to buy at Sephora and at department stores for my makeup,and body and beauty products(also I used to use only salon shampoo and hair products) But,now there is just no way I can afford it,I have certainly noticed a difference,especially in the hair products and makeup,but there is just no way that I can afford anything priced more than grocercy store/drugstore prices. Someday I hope to get my sephora makeup back,and my nice biologe/pureology hair products:(

  • mchavezrey By mchavezrey
    on May 06, 2009  

    I have not changed where I purchase my beauty products. I do try to stretch it a bit and make them last as long as I can. I normally give away the samples that I get as freebies but now I'm finding that I'm using them more now.

  • hdrake By hdrake
    on May 06, 2009  

    I don't really buy too much make up anyways so I have not changed how or here I buy it. I am more the au natural look.