If your sleep has suffered since the recession started, have you taken any remedies to alleviate the sleeplessness (check all that apply)?

In our last SheSpeaks poll, we asked how your emotional state has changed since the recession began.  A whopping 40% of you (the #1 answer) said that you were more "stressed". 

With all of this additional stress, we wondered, are women losing sleep?  If you are losing sleep, what are you doing to try and get more of it?

We want to know.  Please share your thoughts!

No, I haven't lost any sleep (39.1%)

Yes, natural remedies (tea, yoga, meditation) (12.4%)

Yes, over-the-counter remedies (Advil PM etc.) (23.6%)

Yes, prescription remedies (9.5%)

Yes, but I haven't tried anything to try and get more sleep (23.8%)

If your sleep has suffered since the recession started, have you taken any remedies to alleviate the sleeplessness (check all that apply)?
  • kpeters By kpeters
    on Apr 26, 2009  

    i try to do things that help me relax before i go to bed like taking a warm bath, drink herbal tea or even watch a silly reality show for a few laughs

  • Michadalri By Michadalri
    on Apr 26, 2009  

    I have tried lavendar oil. I rubbed it on the bottom of my feet.

  • mariaelopez2005 By mariaelopez2005
    on Apr 26, 2009  

    i have bought Advil PM.

  • nmsusieq By nmsusieq
    on Apr 26, 2009  

    Not me! I generally go to sleep almost immediately. Of course I generally also stay up late on the computer.

  • agaphmou By agaphmou
    on Apr 26, 2009  

    Sometimes I do lose alot of sleep ,I just watch tv till I fall asleep

  • lynnkendo By lynnkendo
    on Apr 26, 2009  

    I have trouble sleeping anyway, so I was already on medication....BUT......it seems as if it is harder and harder to shut the mind down and go to sleep. My body is soooooo tired, but as stated already, just can not seem to quit thinking about things and go right to sleep.....it is not FUN!!!!!

  • Bgears By Bgears
    on Apr 27, 2009  

    I have plenty of trouble sleeping and hard times such as this recession does not help either.......always worried about what if this and what if that...need some peace...lol...but it will all work out in the end hopefully!!!

  • flutterbyeamy By flutterbyeamy
    on Apr 27, 2009  

    Sleep was already not an easy thing to do and all the worrying about things i cannot control just makes it harder.

  • prettyinink By prettyinink
    on Apr 27, 2009  

    I think yoga is just a state of mind and doesn't help with sleep. If you need help it's better to find a medication that will work instantly. I'm all about yoga and natural remedies if you don't have 'serious' issues but medication helps faster and better if you do.

  • am_i_lost By am_i_lost
    on Apr 27, 2009  

    I've always had trouble sleeping and am on prescibed medication for it but it hasn't been working with the added stess and worrying. My husband's job is suffering terribly and he works on commision so it's daily. We're very stessed and I can't sleep even with my meds.