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What is your primary consideration when buying tuna fish?

Tuna fish is one of the staples of the American diet.  Which one of us hasn’t had tuna fish as a school lunch, on a picnic or just as a late night snack?! 

So, we’re curious, what makes you decide to buy one type or another of this pantry staple?

Price (20.9%)

Brand (prefer a particular brand or brand's taste) (46.9%)

Packaging (can, pouch etc.) (8.0%)

Promotional Offer/Coupon (12.9%)

None of the Above (11.3%)

What is your primary consideration when buying tuna fish?
  • steelj By steelj
    on Feb 01, 2009  

    i love tuna but the ouches are expensive especially when its enough for 2 sandwiches at the most. but i do like starkist bracd.

  • beaglelove By beaglelove
    on Feb 01, 2009  

    i hate tuna.

  • adgiggle By adgiggle
    on Feb 01, 2009  

    I myself prefer to buy fresh tuna fish and make sure that it is not giant blue fin as they are full of mercury because they live so long how ever if I do buy canned I prefer starkist in the pouch because StarKist was the first company to adopt a dolphin-safe policy in April 1990 and also as far as murcury goes it's safe and canned light meat tuna is listed on the EPA/FDA advisory as one of the fish that has very low levels of methylmercury. The trace levels of methylmercury found in canned tuna are far below the 1.0 parts per million (ppm) standard the FDA has set as safe. FDA testing has shown that canned light meat tuna has an average of 0.1 parts per million (ppm) and that Albacore (white meat) tuna has an average of 0.35 ppm. StarKist has appropriate testing procedures in place to ensure that both our light meat canned and white meat canned tuna are well below the FDA limit of 1 ppm. Oh and also they do not use farm raised tuna..

  • lruppert75 By lruppert75
    on Feb 01, 2009  

    I prefer Starkist too. Great information from "adgiggle," Thanks for the info.

  • JSWedel By JSWedel
    on Feb 02, 2009  

    I also trust Star-Kist!

  • dblb5533 By dblb5533
    on Feb 02, 2009  

    I look for tuna in water, never oils,etc.

  • jemappel By jemappel
    on Feb 02, 2009  

    I agree with dblb...I only buy in water. I also like seeing "dolphin safe" on the can. thanks to adgiggle for the info on StarKist,,,it might make me choose StarKist next time.

  • 40isthenew20 By 40isthenew20
    on Feb 02, 2009  

    I look for tuna in water as well vs. oil. I struggle with a lot of the current packaging. Is it just me or am I the only one who gets a mini spray of tuna water when I open the cans? The pouches are better than cans for this reason.

  • karefreeman2000 By karefreeman2000
    on Feb 02, 2009  

    My family and I love tuna. Creamed tuna on toast is one of my comfort foods. The pouches are delicious but so expensive. I am not picky about brand name.

  • FarmWife50 By FarmWife50
    on Feb 02, 2009  

    One store we shop at, Wegmans has all natural no additive tuna under their brand label and the price is great!