Which of the following do you consider to be a form of blogging?

There has been so much in the news lately about how many of us are blogging.  So, we were curious about how people defined a blog.  How do you define a blog?  We’d love to hear!

Posting a comment on a discussion board (44.5%)

Posting a comment on my social networking page (Facebook, MySpace, etc.) (41.5%)

Posting a recommendation or comment on a shopping website (29.6%)

Posting photos onto a photo-sharing site (Flickr) (13.5%)

Posting a comment in my online web journal/log (64.2%)

Which of the following do you consider to be a form of blogging?
  • jessicamac By jessicamac
    on Dec 04, 2008  

    I have friends who tell me that they "blog". When I ask them more about it, they mean that they are commenting on a web site or on an online community discussion board. I guess everyone considers "blogging" something else?

  • lynnkendo By lynnkendo
    on Dec 05, 2008  

    Since I do not have an online web journal/log of my own, I guess I would consider blogging in my definition at this time as simply commenting ona web site or giving my opinion on a board of some type. I would be very interested in starting my own blog, but am not sure how to do so.....

  • donnaandretta By donnaandretta
    on Dec 05, 2008  

    I belong to an online discussion board and discussing on that board is what I consider blogging. I do know that some people have their "own sites" for blogging but I don't know how to access or If I would have anything important enough to post. Hmmmm .

  • rhancharick By rhancharick
    on Dec 05, 2008  

    Blogging is posting discussion and/or commenting on any web site.

  • wkateb By wkateb
    on Dec 05, 2008  

    Many of my friends blog on myspace and facebook.

  • agape1 By agape1
    on Dec 05, 2008  

    I consider blogging as providing or exchanging information

  • NatureLover By NatureLover
    on Dec 05, 2008  

    Blogging is a form of conversation while facing a computer screen, rather than each other!

  • threadbeaur By threadbeaur
    on Dec 05, 2008  

    I consider blogging...entering a story, review, or other commentary on your website. I have a personal blog where I update it regularly with info about my etsy shop, what is going on at home, and sharing recipes that I have tried.

  • canelaajena By canelaajena
    on Dec 05, 2008  

    There are various forms of blogging. News blogging, subject blogging, journaling blogging, just for fun blogging. I have a few blogs and they all serve a different purpose.

  • egoamigo By egoamigo
    on Dec 05, 2008  

    facebook comments are similar to twittering but only a blog is a blog. there should be a new word to covering everything else. watting. web-chatting. something. not blogging tho.