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Huggies Diapers

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I usually buy Luvs for my little guy but got a good deal on huggies... they're okay but the seem to leak more and usually cost more than the Luvs... would buy them again if the price were right...

huggies are best

I love Huggies have 2 toddlers and that is what I use for them. I have peace of mind knowing that this diaper will not leak!!!!

prefer LUVS

When my baby was little this is all I used on her. The best!

I love this diaper. It is absorbent, it holds up and durable from outside to the inside...and with coupon is the only way I can afford it though to get the value of this leading product.

I used Huggies with both my children - however, as another review said, not as a newborn. I did not feel their newborn diapers fit as well as others - however once we hit size 1 - nothing could touch the leak protection. There were no more soaked shirt fronts, no more morning or mid-night bed changes... thankfully! They were a bit pricier than store brands and sometimes marketed brands, but there are a lot of available manufacturer's coupons that bring them into comparable range.

I did not like huggies when my son was a newborn. They seemed to not fit as well as other brands. But around a year old he was soaking through every kind of diaper I tried. We bought Huggies and amazingly he woke up dry from his nap. They are all I use now!

Little Snugglers and Little Movers are smaller than most diapers in the same size group (for example my son wears a 3 in most diapers, but a 4 in Huggies). That combined with being the most expensive diaper makes me not like them. Also they leak, and are the only brand that has ever gave my son a rash. Their Snug and dry is of normal size, but it leaks too...The only reason I gave 3 stars instead of less was because they have excellent customer service, any time I have had an issue with them a customer service person has made me feel that my concerns were valuable and even sent me great coupons.

These diapers are the best. My son never leaks with these diapers. The diapers hold a lot of pee. I have recommended these diapers to everyone with a baby.

The only diaper I used on both of my girls!! The girl did not wet through them. Thank you !!

I like these diapers! These are the only kind of diapers my son can wear! He has eczema and he is very sensitive! Huggies are the only brand of diapers that has not broke him out!

I have 3 babies in the pass 4 years. all my babies used huggies (only). Never had any problem with leaking, allergy or anything. it is affortable and what I like the most is the big economic boxes.

Crap. Complete crap. I only used Huggies with my eldest daughter but it seems like their quality and steeply declined over the last 5 years. They dont hold anything. I had my daughter sitting on my knee and she peed in them, and you could visibly see the pee running down her and my legs. It was awful.

I hate these diapers. I have never had luck with any child in these diapers and a lot has to do with the cut. They are cut more narrow which is supposed to allow for more movement but in actuality it causes more leaks. Every child has leaked in these. Although they have worked for some kids, in my experience the cut is where they falter. The pampers cruisers are well on their way to having the same issue if they continue to cut narrow for more movement which isn't necessary. Good Luck to those that try them!