Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme

Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme

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A nice enough product, but I wouldn't buy it again. I had initially purchased it to use throughout the day, but found that it was too greasy for me. The product itself is hard in the jar, so it helps to warm the jar in your hands to soften the product for easier application. This worked best for me overnight...I would apply right before bed and wake up with soft hands, no worries about greasiness when you're sleeping. It does a good enough job keeping hands moisturized, but for the same price, there are other products I prefer.

THis cream smells great but takes a good minute to absorb into very dry skin...it feels greasy, even when I do not use much. It is a little bit water proof, so there is some staying power... but later in the day..my skin does not feel all that much moisturized. Maybe my skin is just plain weird (very oily face.. very dry hands.. I wish it was a little more evened out).. not really sure if I would recommend it yet although I have bought it a few times. the crazy thing is I've got a lot of negative comments about the smell(alomond-y) for some reason( I do not mind it at all). My co-workers have said, "What is that smell?" Once when a gir was needing lotion, I offered mine & she declined because it OF the smell... ?? Hmm..

This is an amazing hand cream! It smells fabulous, your hands stay soft, even after continued washing. And it is not tested on animals and is over 90% natural. Can't beat it!!!

I love this product! Makes my hands and feet so smooth!!

This hand creme makes my hands feel soft and smooth without feeling greasy. The creme absorbs nicely making my hands supple and smells great.

One of the most delightful hand creams out there - especially now with the upcoming colder weather!

Love it! It helps with my chapped dry hands overnight. I choose to put it on at night due to the grease factor. Plus I wash my hands all day long. The smell is incredible. This is my beauty go to for my hands.

omg i love this product its smells so good and feels great on your hands

I love Burt's bees, but this isn't my favorite product. I love their lotions, chapsticks & foot creams. Won't be buying this again though.

I really like the Burts Bees products but wasn't blone over by this one. It's a little heavier than I am looking for in a hand cream and the smell is strong (though I do like almond scents).

its great

I love this hand cream. It's nice and thick and I can feel it absorbing and nourishing my skin. Every time I take this out of my bag to put on I get compliments on the smell. It's become a go-to gift for friends and family in need of hand cream.

I really love how creamy and moisturizing this product is. It leaves my hands feeling smooth and silky. The only downfall is that I do not like the smell of it. To me, I'd rather not have my hands smell like milk throughout the day so I put this on at night.

i love all burts bees products and gud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

Perfect for every skin type. A must buy in winter!