Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multivitamin

Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multivitamin

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Same here. I was initially excited to offer the kids a drink, especially a fizzy one, that would provide so many vitamins. However, the first few swallows pretty much ruined the excitement. The boys each tried one flavor and I tried one, but none of them were any good. They seemed weak, and not very sweet. We'll be sticking with our Gummi Vites.

We tired all the different flavors of Emergen-C, and we didn't care for the taste at all. My daughter thought they were all nasty and refused to drink more than the initial swallow. Angela liked the concept of a fizzy drink, and thought it smelled good. However, the taste was bad. I also choked a couple swallows down, and have concluded that vitamins taste much better.

My son didn't seem to enjoy the fizz as much as I did. So, I ended up finishing the samples, but from a mom's perspective, VERY TASTY! :)

my daughter loved it as well. the only thing is trying to get it mixed without it squirting out of the sippy cup