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  • stussy96 By  stussy96    

    This was great, but was constantly getting clogged with hair and then the battery went bad after about a year. In the first few months I loved it on my wood floors...then the suction started to go. Then the battery died out and could no longer hold a charge. They don't exactly make it easy to replace the battery, either. I'm back to the dry swiffer, vacuum up the big chunks then swiffer mop the floor.

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  • psrapp By  psrapp    

    Great product!!! I have a dog with long hair and this works wonderful on the wood floors.

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  • gina1960 By  gina1960    

    I Love this cleaner - it is only meant for spot cleaning - not heavy duty - I have 2 dogs and it is great for dog hair - and anything else they drag in from outside.

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  • bestmommy By  bestmommy    

    I have this product and it is wonderful for cleaning up under the table after meals but the battery won't last long enough to vaccum a large room.

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    I believe that Swiffer had good intentions when they made this product, however they didn't think for the long run. I won't buy this product. I have a friend who uses this and threw it out after a few uses.

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  • nothinqness By  nothinqness    

    This was a great idea but I think that the suction power could've been a little better. I think this product is best used for quick spills. Don't get rid of your broom because the battery life isn't that great. Maybe the next model will be a little better.

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