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Huggies Diapers

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These diapers do the job but I found that of the three top name brand diapers I've used since June, that they tend to let the smell out. I like the fit of them and that I can put them on easy even when my baby is kicking and moving about.

Love using these on my kids. They seemed to fit them the best and hold a lot more pee and kept the poop in better than any other diaper. My go to choice for sure!

Before my son was born I was told by another mother that Huggies diapers were the way to go. I used Luvs for the first 6 months but after that. He started leaking through. So I bought some Huggies from WalMart 98 pack for $25. Kinda expensive for my budget but well worth it!!! And I have a lot less laundry to do now Bc no leaks!

My favorite brand:) i think pampers are softer but my baby would leak at night thats why i changed to huggies :) they are awsome

Great diapers and reasonable price

Have been using Pampers and got a good deal on Huggies recently, and I have to say I am disappointed and do not plan on purchasing again. They do not feel very sturdy and I have had issues with leaks already.

These are my favorite diapers! I swear by Huggies! I have still yet to have a leak using them and my son is now 13 months old. Other people always recommended Pampers to me, but I just wasn't impressed. My hospital gave me Huggies and I fell in love immediately. They are a better price than Pampers and are higher quality...a win-win for me!

I love huggies diapers, they rarely leak and can hold a lot more than other brands. We don't go through huggies nearly as fast as the other diapers we have tried. Well worth the price.

I love huggies! They are the best diapers my daughter would only sleep through the night with huggies at my baby shower I got a few brands, but Huggies was what kept her comfortable to stay asleep.

The Best!! work good for my little girl...

I only used Huggies with all 3 of my kids. They just seemed to work the best for my babies.

I use Huggies for both of my boys. I used to use Pampers but found that it leaked a lot. Someone had recommended Huggies so I've been using it exclusively for the past 2 years.

My Favorite Brand! The Overnites are great and since my daughter has learned to pull the tabs off her diapers I started using pull-ups in a 2t size and they work great also. Plus we love the Minnie Mouse and Princess Designs!

Huggies for boys. I love them. I noticed a change since my older son was in diapers. The change made them leak a little more it seems. I do agree that the huggies products all around are made well.

I have tried several brands of diapers and I must say these aee the BEST! They avctually hold thru the night and no leaks. I love huggies