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  • bluelea22 By  bluelea22    

    I am not fond of this make up's coverage. It just makes my face flake like I have had a sunburn. This is even with exfoliating and moisturizing.

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  • A895061R By  A895061R    

    I would barely give this a star at all. I really wish there were more selections on warm and cool type shades. I were 2 different shades that should of matched my complexion, but it was so pink on my skin. Borderline red. I was really disappointed in this product. And I normally love the brand.

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  • lexylovesmakeup23 By  lexylovesmakeup23    

    I have tried the regular revlon color stay and its amazing such good coverage although havent tried this yet. Im sure its as good as the one i tried.

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  • msbluestone13 By  msbluestone13    

    This stuff felt gritty on my face..After awhile, it made my face feel greasy. I think it might do well as a setting powder over their colorstay liquid foundation which I DO use.. I do not think I will be getting this again.

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  • adriloves03 By  adriloves03    

    If you have good skin go for it otherwise stick to the original formula colorstay foundation! The coverage is blotchy and not User friendly unless your a make up pro!

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  • HappyKat101 By  HappyKat101    

    This has worked so well for me. I love it!!!

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  • trayce13 By  trayce13    

    after about an hour it separated on my face it looked blotchy and dry

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  • Liliana6 By  Liliana6    

    Its okay i have very oily skin so it doesnt stay on for long.

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  • happyday By  happyday    

    I like Revlon products I think there pretty good priced for a drugstore brand. They have also been around for a while. I bought and tryed the mineral foundation and I thought the product was okay. I think the brush can be a little less scratchy.

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  • lval3333 By  lval3333    

    it really does stay put!

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  • sweetnsassy By  sweetnsassy    

    Works good def have a moisturized face it will make your face look more dry if you don't

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  • veah100 By  veah100    

    cool, I was thinking about getting some make-up so that I can wear it for my birthday this year

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  • kuchizono By  kuchizono    

    I do not like this as a foundation but I do rare it highly and recommend it as a setting powder.

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  • stargayzr By  stargayzr    

    left my face feeling greasy

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  • alwaysblabbing By  alwaysblabbing    

    Did not like this product. It didnt look like I put any makeup on a all. I threw an entire bottle in the garbage.

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