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  • MAK23165 By  MAK23165    

    The most convenient place to shop! No kids, lines, or rude people. The only thing is you have to wait a couple days for your product.

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  • jul516 By  jul516    

    I finally broke down and got Amazon Prime. Love it! I am able to get quick items without the $35 minimum for free shipping.

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  • AmySS84 By  AmySS84    

    Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop. I am able to compare prices and see other varieties without having to go from store to store. I can put things on the wishlist or in my shopping cart and make purchases at a later date with out having to start all over. It is a great way to shop.

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  • Gertaylor By  Gertaylor    

    Amazon is great! You are able to find everything on Amazon. They have a quick turn around when purchasing items and they offer the Prim Membership, which adds the benefit of faster shipping. Amazon definitely makes shopping convenient and easy.

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  • angeladod2 By  angeladod2    

    I am addicted to this website... seriously I have a problem.. so bad my family got me gift cards just for amazon! Lots of great deals and free shipping instant video and more! If you don't have an account you need to get one ASAP! Amazon will change your life!

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  • OreoandLucy By  OreoandLucy    

    This is by far my favorite online store and one of my favorite shopping destinations. I can find just about anything I am looking for on this website and 99% of the time their prices can't be beat. It's also great that I can use my amazon products (Kindle Fire, Fire Phone, and Fire TV stick) to check out books from the library, watch free movies and TV shows, and listen to streaming movies for free. This is a one-stop shop for me.

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  • CautiouslyOptimystic By  CautiouslyOptimystic    

    I have been a huge supporter of Amazon for years and probably would spend my entire life savings on the site, however, I have been quite disappointed in their customer service and structure. Recently they started offering "Prime Pantry" credits to those who chose none rush shipping of which I was ecstatic. Long story short, I am unable to use them because it is not offered in my area. I have been in contact with customer support via phone, email and chat of which no one has offered any solution C ustomer service is one of the most important roles of a company and Amazon is slacking.

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  • jenetty4 By  jenetty4    

    Amazon is right up there at the top of my favorite stores to shop. I LOVE AMAZON!! It is always the first place I look for anything on my wish list. I love the ease of shopping from home. I love how quickly stuff arrives at my doorstep. I love how easy it is to rent my favorite shows, movies, etc. I love getting all the free ebooks! I could go on and on and on when it comes to Amazon.

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  • Jill_Marie By  Jill_Marie    

    I love Amazon! I use it for work and home. Before searching for the item I want in stores I search Amazon first to see what other options their are for like products and get reviews and pricing. I usually end up finding something unbeatable and don't bother going out shopping for it!

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  • megkat By  megkat    

    When I am looking to purchase just about anything, I go to Amazon to price compare Nd they almost always beat the competition. As soon prime member, I also enjoy the many benefits of membership like free two day shipping, video streaming, kindle lenders library and more.

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  • lianarae By  lianarae    

    I love amazon! I forget they have so much stuff most of the time. They have so much good stuff, though! I have n't had a bad experience yet. I can usually get free shipping by buying a certain amount of stuff.

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  • poohfan80 By  poohfan80    
    08.21.15 is a great place to shop. You can find so many great deals.

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  • angelinafalcon413 By  angelinafalcon413    

    I love Amazon! I can stay in my PJ'S and order with no hassle. I love that I can look at different products from different company's as well as there own line. Shipping is free with a $35 order which is way less than Walmart and that is a bonus!

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  • palefacemonster By  palefacemonster    

    I love this website! has pretty much anything and everything! always use it around Christmas time for unique gift ideas for my family

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  • altubbs3 By  altubbs3    

    Makes online shopping so easy and stress free. I started using for school books, and let me tell you, I have saved a TON. Now I use it for anything that I can think of. I always check Amazon first, and it's usually where I end up making the purchase. I even have the Amazon Chase Card. Prime is worth it too

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