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  • fijianbeauty By  fijianbeauty    

    100% BEST

    Gillette is the BEST. I love using this brand of razor, makes my leg feels comfortable and smooth.

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  • JonnaT227 By  JonnaT227    

    Best shave ever

    I have very sensitive skin and always get razor burn very bad, however, after using this gillette razor I am addicted! No more stubble, no more razor bumps, no more dry itchy skin after shaving. The shave is slick and close to the skin, and it leaves your skin silky smooth to the touch!

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  • Rebeccacanava By  Rebeccacanava    

    I have very sensitive skin and Venus is the only product that is capable of doing the job and is very sensitive on my skin.

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  • monaespeaks16 By  monaespeaks16    

    love them all

    great on my legs kept my legs smoothe no cuts or bumps for me

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  • mtanner78 By  mtanner78    

    The razor isn't terrible but I have had a hard time getting a close shave with any of the Venus razors. I found they do great for armpits but no so for legs.

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  • candries By  candries    

    For your legs......, its an amazing razor. It leaves them smooth and silky. But DO NOT USE UNDER YOUR ARMS, I was left with a razor burn that remains for about 2-3 days (TWICE!) I would not buy again.

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  • bbarbiegirl311978 By  bbarbiegirl311978    

    Venus razors are the best! Keeps my legs looking sexy and smooth!

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  • ModernDayMonroe By  ModernDayMonroe    

    One of the best disposable razors I've tried for sure! However, I did notice how quickly the blade becomes dull. Even on fine, short leg hair. You would think for the price it would be a bit better. I love the brand and again, great as far as disposables go but I prefer long lasting razors with good blades.

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  • brittwinter By  brittwinter    

    Gillette Venus Spa Breeze are great! My friend refered this to me and I love it! I will refer this to my family.

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  • Ecbigler By  Ecbigler    

    The venuz razors all kind are the best. It's closet shave I've gotten and for some reason when I use the brand it last the longest.

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  • Kristen97 By  Kristen97    

    I love this razor/brand! It lasts me about six months!! It makes my legs feel so smooth without any kind of cream

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  • Jmalinowsky By  Jmalinowsky    

    The ONLY razors I will use! I always get a perfect shave and it lasts for a couple days. This razor gets a very silky smooth shave every time!

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  • LaurenBears By  LaurenBears    

    I think the razor is pretty good and the moisture strips work well. The pivoting head is nice, but I think they are too expensive for the amount of the time they last. You can get just as many uses and just as good of a shave with a less expensive brand.

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  • lmengel By  lmengel    

    I do think these razors do a great job with little or no knicks and cuts however I am not always willing to spend the extra 5 $ per razor, they don't last any longer than the cheap brands so it ends up being quite an expense.

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  • AmySS84 By  AmySS84    

    My daughter loves the Venus razors. She won't use anything else. I have tried to buy other razors for her. She will try them but she always tells me to buy the Venus. They may be a little on the expensive side however they have a cleaner and closer shave. The shave lasts longer. I had to find out what she was talking about so I did my own test and confirmed her findings. The shave does last longer and I love the sleek design as well.

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