Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

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My little one enjoyed this flavor the best. I like the convenience of the ready to drink boxes. I have had my daughter on regular milk for a while and miss the comfort of knowing my daughter is getting all the nutrients she needs from formula. It is a great supplement and we are grateful for the coupons sent so we can continue to add this to our daily diet. Thanks!

This review is very similar to the review posted for the vanilla flavor. My son loved this. I like Enfagrow Toddler Ready to Drink Milk as an alternative to constantly giving him milk or juice/water (I do 75% water, 25% juice combinations). My son is at an age where he loves to have something in his cup, and this makes me feel good about having a healthy alternative. He preferred the vanilla flavor (who wouldn't, vanilla rocks), and drank his drinks quickly! I was definitely impressed with the packaging of Enfagrow- small enough to fit into the pockets in my diaper bag! This is a nice change up from having to mix water/juice. I can feel good about this drink because it's packed full of vitamins/nutrients/minerals. Thanks, Shespeaks for the opportunity to sample this product! We'll definitely be purchasing more, as my son sucked them down as if they were going out of style!

My daughter really liked the vanilla flavor. She asked for it each night at dinner and called it her special milk. We did use the milk flavor as well, but she didn't like it as much as the vanilla. We did use the milk flavor on her cereal one morning when we ran out of regular milk and she got a big kick out of that! We have already purchased more of the vanilla flavor. I like giving it to her once a day.

My son did not enjoy the flavor of either variety of this drink. However, I believe the product is a good alternative to milk for kids who enjoy the flavor.

My son loved the vanilla flavor.

My 2 1/2 year old would have none of it. He was willing to try it, but took two sips and told me he wanted "his milk." I was pretty disappointed because I have a bit of a picky eater, and I would love to think I was getting something with a lot of vitamins into his system once a day . I tried the vanilla straight out because he won't even drink regular milk. But to no avail. I tried it again the next day, without making a big deal out of it being new or different - still a no go. Since he had formula from five months on, I wonder if I had kept him on something like this instead of just going to milk if he would like it better. If now he's so used to eating and drinking big-people food that this was a lost cause from the start. But I'd definitely recommend for other picky eaters!

I was super excited to receive this. My child however hated the taste. She would much rather drink milk.

I was really hoping that my toddler would drink this product since there are always coupons and great deals out there on this, but mine was not having it! (Did not like the taste) I like the way they are packaged although I would make straw a bit more sturdy or something, seemed to come apart, and come out easily (maybe make the hole closer to a juicebox...) Unfortunately I won't be buying them for my kids, but I do have a few other little munchkins I see, so if they are inexpensive enough, I pick them up for them. I appreciate being a part of the program though!

My little guy seemed indifferent to the taste of this one. His older sister liked the flavor, but my 3 year old was really more interested in his usual-2% milk.

My little guy gets to be a picky eater when he's growing, so last week when he wouldn't eat his favorite foods and told me they were "yuka" I poured a Enfragrow into his sippy. He chugged it down in no time and told it was "yumma" and "pease, I haf mo'?" I shared them at a recent play date with other moms and they were a big hit. I'm thinking of keeping some on hand for our next growth spurt!

At first my son was excited about this "special milk", but after drinking it a couple of times, he now refuses to drink it and makes sure we get him his normal milk. I think the problem with this variety is that it attempts to taste like milk without actually being milk.

My daughter loved this! Loved the fact that she could grab it out of the fridge without making the mess she does when she tries to pour milk like a big girl from a gallon jug! Great product!

My child was not a fan of this product. She might drink it again in a pinch, but it would not be a first choice. Much prefers regular milk.

My son didn't like the taste

Enfamil is a brand I am very familiar with and trust. I was very excited to receive this product to review and was not disappointed. It was so easy to grab and go. My 3 year old is picky with a lot of things and she very happily drank this milk. I would definitely buy this. She was smiling the whole time she was drinking it. She is not a big talker so her smile said it all!!