Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies

Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies

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Can never go wrong with adding Rotel in your food while cooking! Especially if you're from Cajun Louisiana like myself! My favorite is Mild Rotel but with the Green Chilies, it adds a little more flavor! (:

There is no competition here! Rotel in my cheese dip, chili, fajitas...If only I knew what other recipes I could cook up with the deliciousness of Rotel!

Helps make my chesse dip perfect

When want a little spicy kick to my chili, eggs or spaghetti I reach for the Rotel. Amazing taste

Love, love, love Rotel! We keep a can on hand at all times to jazz up a boring pasta or rice side dish. Also awes and in couscous!

We use Rotel as additions to other dishes. We use them for tacos. Excellent add in for dips and chips. We bought four 10 can cases from Sam's and are going back for more. Very versatile and improves many dishes.

like the rotel brand of tomatoes

Good flavor

A game day must have, how else can you make a great cheese dip?

I love,love,love cooking with rotel!

Only brand I use in my title! Great stuff!

Not bad... much easier than roasting tomatoes yourself.

I always have Rotel-diced-tomatoes/ with green chilis in my pantry. Good for soup, dip, chicken, and almost anything that need a little extra kick!

I love rotel and my family uses it all the time. Versatile and adds that zest that sets your dish apart from the rest!

Rotel is my favorite ingredient in many recipes. I wish they made an organic version!