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  • sofiaviolet By  sofiaviolet    

    Since the duster really holds the dust, these are great for people with allergies. Less dust in the air while cleaning! If you happen to run out, you can also use a Swiffer cloth (the ones that go on the floor sweeper) as a dustcloth. But I prefer these for dusting knick-knacks - the fluffier fibers get into the nooks and crannies and the handle makes getting the duster into tight spaces easier.

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    I always use this, it works great and my granddaughter loves to do my dusting lol

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  • bibi826 By  bibi826    

    One of my favorite cleaning tools. Love the extending handle to reach fan blades. Ceiling vents, baseboards hard to reach areas. Only negative is the price.

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  • ruthiejane By  ruthiejane    

    Best dusting product out there :) Makes the job so much easier, and less time consuming :)

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  • nesa128 By  nesa128    

    Love this duster..great for my tv.dont know what it is but they get so much dust and i dont want to use any chemicals on something so expensive.so this is great

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  • flossyBe By  flossyBe    

    My mom use this lil thing for ever thing I think that she has to much fun with it.

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  • goomba320 By  goomba320    

    I use this product to clean all the blades of my fans. Excellent for dusting, and I spray some glass cleaner to clean mirrors. I like how thick, and absorbent the material is.

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  • hawaiiansurf By  hawaiiansurf    

    Too short for homes with 9" ceilings. Does not trap the dust as advertised. Flimsy poorly made dust wand. Just stick to Lambs Wool or flannel dusters that actually perform, can be washed and are reliable. this is the worst household cleaning product that I have ever used.

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  • Paxygirl By  Paxygirl     SheSpeaks Tester

    Love! Love! Love! So easy to use, works as efficiently as advertised and I am hooked. Makes dusty a breeze. I have shutters throughout my home and this makes wiping them down so easy!

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  • ElysesMommy By  ElysesMommy    

    This is great for a quick wipe but it doesn't really get the job done because it still leaves quite a bit of particles behind.

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  • CoralieS By  CoralieS    

    It is great for small jobs for my kids, but I don't use it as my full time duster. It doesn't catch the dust as much as I like and with my daughters Asthma I can't have dust flying all over. Not great for high up places like ceiling fans or shelves because it just pushes the dust off. Works great on smooth areas that just don't have a lot of dust.

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  • EbbyLaster By  EbbyLaster    

    This is an easy product ad u are done in a snap. Great duster.

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  • Vivian821 By  Vivian821    

    Swifter is a great product to have especially if you have hardwood floors.

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  • mitzsub1 By  mitzsub1     SheSpeaks Tester

    Swiffer is the only product I use. It works great and I never need to use anything else.

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  • LNHargrove By  LNHargrove    

    I love Swiffer! It is so easy to use and works so well. If I happen to see a shelf or surface that needs dusting, it is SO easy to grab a Swiffer duster and take care of it.

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