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  • marnierily By  marnierily    

    Did not care for it. sprayer sucks.

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  • dparker54 By  dparker54    

    Isaw commerical for these vacuums but never tried them. It seems when you buy something from watching a commerical, it don't work as well as the commerical states. Maybe I need to buy one just to check out if it is as good as it says in the commerical.

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  • mom14043 By  mom14043    

    This is not for heavy duty cleaning but light cleaning. Because my needs were more heavy duty I was not keen on this product and ended up donating it to my daughter's preschool so they could sweep up the sand which it works well for but it is not for my use at all.

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  • JJ2012 By  JJ2012    

    Product is great for those of you that are in big cities. Due to the increased soot and dust from the public transportation, I found my apartment getting very dusty. This product has been a blessing when I've needed a quick clean up. These products have a niche market due to size, weight, and convenience. Overall, it is a great tool to provide quick cleaning.

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  • ProudMeme By  ProudMeme    

    Not a huge fan of the products when it comes to a huge area to clean, but love it for the bathroom floors.

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  • klafave By  klafave    

    I love all of the swiffer products. they make cleaning so much easier. they work perfectly and i reccommend them to everyone. i use the swiffer duster, the vac, the sweeper you name it. keep it up swiffer.

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  • daniellencharles By  daniellencharles    

    battery life sucks. and the price for batteries is ridiculous

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  • gingerbrit By  gingerbrit    

    I have had a Swiffer SweeperVac for many years now. It is very convinient... especially for the pet hair and dust bunnies that build up by the floor boards. And it is easy enough to handle that my 3 year old daughter loves to help vacuum with it. Great product!

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  • lovedisneyland By  lovedisneyland    

    I love the convenience of this Sweeper Vac. It's perfect for a quick picker upper but not for major cleaning. What I don't like is that it doesn't have enough juice to last for more than 5-7 minutes even after a full charge. I always keep it plugged in so it's always ready (after 12 hours!!)

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  • ekleczek By  ekleczek    

    I used to love this vacuum as I was using it in the second floor of the house, because I did not have to carry my canister vacuum up the stairs. However there are a couple of things that I do not like about this product: 1. the battery power- it lasts just a couple of minutes and then it looses power, 2. I have one black labrador retriever and the vacuum is incapable of sucking in all the dog hair which collects on the bottom of the nozzle blocking dirt and everything else from getting into the mostly empty collecting container, 3. container is small. I cannot leave the vacuum uncharged and use it till it dies as manufacturer recommends because I would not get any thing cleaned. I think it's time to upgrade to something more powerful and reliable. Does anyone know how much power this product actually has? At this moment this is more of a Sweeper than Vac to me.

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  • jenniferr8240 By  jenniferr8240    

    I luv the sweeper vac, but I wish it would last longer. I have to charge it before each room. I cannot do my living and dining room together I have to stop to charge it a bit then I can reuse it. Itherwise its a great product. I use mine everyday and its kid friendly too. My 9 yr old loves to clean his room with it. He can put the pad on and cleans it out when hes done with it too.

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  • elliemay1229 By  elliemay1229    

    I wish the vacuum was more powerful. Before I finish the entire hardwood floor, I normally have to empty it at least twice. I can't imagine if someone had a larger house to clean or if they had more dirt. Over all it is still better at getting the little stuff than my broom.

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  • ginagina909 By  ginagina909    

    This is def. not for heavy duty cleaning! The battery sucks! But i do use it about every day. I use it with the wet wipes so it does 2 jobs at once for me!

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  • Southerngirl409 By  Southerngirl409    

    This is nothing but a dust collector in my house, I used it for about 2 weeks, it doesn't pick up as good as advertised and after that it was useless. I could see if I had it for years then it went out but its nothing but a piece of crap.

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  • dialua By  dialua    

    I really love the convenience of the the swiffer line. That said, this is one of their items that I didn't care for. I didn't like the noise the vacuum part made on my hardwood floors and the perfomance was not very impressive. I used it a couple of times then junked it. I'd rather use the swivel sweeper (especially the newest model) then the swiffer wetjet for a quick cleanup.

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