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  • nessam4 By  nessam4    

    These are great for those colic babies. help get the air out of the bottle great! wonderful colors,easy gripping sides as well.

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  • jennawall By  jennawall    

    By far the best bottle on the market and my baby little hands can grip this bottle easily

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  • shar111 By  shar111    

    These are great. I brought these for my baby and it was easier for him and there were less bubbles which means less tummy aches

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  • SxcNette89 By  SxcNette89    

    Love these bottles!! Used these bottle for both my boys. They never got colic or were fuzzy. They were easy to clean and came apart very easily. Awesome bottles, just take care and clean very well of the bottom rubber ring.

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  • cmay931214 By  cmay931214    

    After coming home from the hospital these are the only bottles I used for my son and I absolutely loved them!! Less burping and no colic! He still drinks from them to this day. Thank you for this product.

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  • Chicagodivaonadime By  Chicagodivaonadime    

    I am the mother of a 14y/o however, my best friend who has an infant uses these bottles. From the first time I fed the baby I loved the bottles. All I could think was where were they when my son was little? I had to try a million bottles. Lol!

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  • ccummins10 By  ccummins10    

    I work in a daycare and many mother's use these bottle for their babies! I personally love them! The babies do very well with the nipples too!

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  • dstar11 By  dstar11    

    Love these bottles! Downside, though, there are lots of little parts and other nipples are not interchangeable. They will leak.

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  • Oliviasmommy04 By  Oliviasmommy04    

    I absolutely love these bottles. I just had my little girl and I have gone through multiple brands and types of bottles and it was extremely frustrating. After going to Walmart late one night to make an attempt at another bottle that wouldn't make her choke or have the milk spill all over her, I picked these up and they have been great. They do not leak at all for me and they are the perfect size for her little mouth. I think they are wonderful and have reduced so much air intake. The pieces aren't a problem for me at all I don't mind cleaning them I think it's worth it.

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  • lafirefly By  lafirefly    

    The bottles are pretty good. I used them with my brother and now with my daughter. They don't work as well with her as they did him. I also dislike trying to get the disc in right as sometimes I think I have it but then it leaks.

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  • sahmx2 By  sahmx2    

    I love these bottles! All of my children had colic and acid reflux, these were the only bottles that helped them. I recommend these bottles to anyone that I know of that's having issues with gassy babies, colic, etc.

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  • minnie22 By  minnie22    

    We have Playtex VentAire bottle for 6 months now and our child love it ! i think their ok

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  • cheermom1977 By  cheermom1977    

    Very disappointed. ...We bought these bottles in hopes of heloing our baby girls belly with less gas bubbles. ...and it was problematic from the start! too many pieces and it leaked every single one would leak no matter how I out in the bottom pieces! We switched over to the nursers with drop ins as that is what I used with my 13 yr old who was premie and colicy and she loves them and so do we! Will not recommend these bit will the nursers.

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  • minders By  minders    

    No more worry about burping with these wonderful bottles. Love love love them easy to clean and baby can hold them easily...another addition to a mothers wish list. thanks for another great product we can trust.

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  • ltconley By  ltconley    

    we did not have a good experience with these bottles, the nipples were leaky and at one point my daughter sucked so hard (the opening is very small) that the nipple caved in completely and her entire bottle of breastmilk spilled all over her and i.......i was very displeased!!

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