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Comfort and style , two of my favorite things rolled into one! Go Toms

Toms are really stylish and cute. However, they're really flat, so there is no arch support. That means my feet hurt after a while. I would only wear these on occasion.

These shoes come in super cute patterns however are really expensive for what they are! Not to mention, the customer service went down hill recently. The shoes tend to run in awkard sizes as well from shoe to shoe.

I have a pair of Tom's animal print wedges. They're very comfortable but I don't like the big logo on the back of the shoe so I removed it. I think Toms mission is great, but the logo messed with the style. I just learned they are made in China, I'm trying to support USA companies.

This is a cute comfortable shoe with a terrific charity!

Company donation policy speaks for itself. comfort and style make them desirable. super simple and flattering shape. I have always had foot issues bone wise and these have never caused discomfort. The ease of walking barefoot with just enough support and protection.

I love their shoes and sunglasses. I love their mission to get kids in shoes, its a beautiful thing. What I don't like is how hard it is to deal with customer service. I don't know why but in the past couple of years it has been harder and harder to get anyone who will talk to you on the phone. Maybe it is the economy and they have had to downsize. Anyway I will continue to buy their products because I adore the shoes

I gave them a 2 only because I still like their product, but their customer service has completely disappeared! I ordered an email gift card on 12/23. They did not process the order until 12/29, and even then did not email the gift card. I called 2x and both times I was told they were having problems with their email delivery system, but could not offer a solution. I emailed them several times and the fasted response I got was just under a week! I finally charged back the transaction with the credit card company. It's very sad because I have always admired their mission, and am a fan of their shoes.

I like my TOM'S. They're adorable and fashion forward.

My daughter loves her Toms. She wears them with almost everything, and says they are very comfortable.

Great cause. I've owned several pairs and I buy them for my sister now. They are a bit pricy but I think about where the money goes to and it doesn't matter anymore. They are also very comfortable.

honestly the shoes look like an ace bandage wraps that cost too much and are okay In comfort

Super cute, super trendy but there is no arch support of any kind and like many others have said they are quite over priced, especially in Canada. Another downfall is your feet sweat in them terribly. I do like that they are easy to put on in a flash, but I would almost prefer flip flops for that!

I love these comfortable and affordable. And they have a great company statement/purpose.

I have no opinion one way or the other for this brand. I've owned one pair of their shoes and they were comfy and cute, but very low quality. I do like that they donate a pair to charity, but in reality, I'd rather donate a better quality product.