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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    I feel that even if they posted a calorie count on the food, its not even accurate. I ordered a steak and pepper wrap and i can feel the oil dripping out from the order. it was just gross. Apple bee's has been going lower and lower on my list of places i would go eat out in. i have stayed away from them for over 5 years until 2 months ago when my friend wanted to grab a quick bite to eat, i am not planning on going back.

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  • laxmorena By  laxmorena    

    Sorry about your experience, but I love Applebees. I guess the service is different everywhere.

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  • humblefoodsnob By  humblefoodsnob    

    I emailed Applebee's the other day after I posted here and told them about SheSpeaks and the topic thread about them. Here is what I got in return today: Dear Kristina, Thank you for your email. I'm sorry to hear that you have had disappointing experiences at our Applebee's restaurants. We would appreciate hearing more details about your visits. Additionally, feel free to pass along our contact information to the other members of SheSpeaks who have feedback regarding their visits. We can be contacted at 888-592-7753 or by visiting our website at Sincerely, Derek S.Guest Relations Coordinator IICase # 955833 So if you all want to let them know directly about the bad (or the good) experiences there's the info.

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  • Feedmepickles By  Feedmepickles    

    Generally I really like AppleBees food, especially their steak with parmesean shrimp. Very tasty. My issue is that the mixed vegetables are ALWAYS cold and in my opinion undercooked, though my husband likes them that way. Also, the last time I was there I ordered sauteed mushrooms with my steak and they were served cold and raw. That day our waitress was also very inattentive. She walked by our table at least 7 times before getting our drink refills and asking how our food was. On the other hand I have also had many very good experiences at the same location.

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  • allisong By  allisong    

    I'm sorry that you had bad experiences, but the Applebee's I went to was good. The food was amazing and came as I ordered. I definately have my regulars here.

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  • sealford By  sealford    

    I can relate to this story very easily. My husband and I went with one of our friends for dinner one night, and it wasn't all that crowded. It took them 20 minutes just to come by and take our drink orders. It was another 20 minutes or so before we even got our drinks, and then at least 10 more minutes before we ordered our food. Our friend ordered a burger medium-well, and he had to send it back 4 times. He was finally so fed up that he didn't even eat the last one. None of the food was good, and we we tried to complain, they charged us for the whole meal anyway. They didn't even care that we told them it was horrible, they were just more concerned with getting our money. I didn't know that they refused to reveal their calorie content, but I'm glad that someone pointed that out. That just helped me make my mind up even more.

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  • lilygirl71 By  lilygirl71    

    UGH. We've tried Applebees numerous times of the years and have never had a good dining experience there. The food isn't great and neither is the service. Every once in awhile we'll forget the misery and give it another try. It never fails to disappoint.

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  • jessicady1 By  jessicady1    

    I have never had bad food from applebees. The only thing that we ever have a problem with is the service it is horrible here!

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  • mskimt By  mskimt    

    As long as they refuse to reveal their calorie counts for their food, I will not eat there. What are they trying to hide?

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  • corilee20 By  corilee20    

    We eat there all the time and I love it. We get $10 gift certificates from our rewards cards and will use them for free appitizers!

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  • NYYankees By  NYYankees    

    I want to make good on my promise I made to those I have talked to at Applebees. I had a horrible experience along with some co-workers and wanted to share it. We were on a break during a professional development day at school. Those days we treat ourselves. It took us 45 minutes to get our food. This is after 2 trips to the manager to complain. The manager argued with us that we were wrong. I have never had a manager argue with me like this one did. He kept telling us that it only took us 20 minutes to get our food according to their computer. Being teachers we documented everything. I finally asked for a number at corperate. A guy came out that claimed he was the general manager. He looked like kitchen help the way he was dressed and acted. He didn't know anything other then giving us the post it that had the number. I have called this number once a week and left a mesage for the regional manager and she does not call me back. So on my last message I tolder her I would be sharing my story and this is one of theways I am doing so. Thank you for listening

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