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  • imultracool By  imultracool    

    I really like this product. I noticed a big change in my hair after using this product then straightening my hair. Normally my hair would feel dried out and stiff after straightening. Now it still feels soft and light. Love this stuff.

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  • kellieleigh86 By  kellieleigh86    

    Dove works great. But I prefer Pantene.

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  • ChristieLynn87 By  ChristieLynn87    

    I love this product! I use it everyday! If you didnt like it try Chi heat protecting products, they're expensive but the work wonders!

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    I tried the heat protecting spray and it does have a great scent and is very lightweight - but i wonder if it's really working - I have thick hair but it seems like unless i put a ton of it on (why bother) it really isn't working. my hair is the same with or without the product - i guess i'll save my money and not bother using it again.

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  • Shelly22 By  Shelly22    

    i use the heat protecting spray because i use a straightener or curling iron almost every day but im not quite sure if its truly protecting my hair. whether the texture is an attribute by being lightweight intentionally or not, it doesnt really feel like its coating my hair. it smells nice, but feels as light as water and it doesnt feel like its penetrating or even making much of a difference.

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  • Marie12345 By  Marie12345    

    I love DOVE products normally so I tried the Heat Defense Shampoo. My hair feels nasty. It's like pouring grease on your head and then you can't get it out. I washed it 4 times after washing with this and it won't come out. I dried my hair and tried to style it and it looks horrible. I really don't like this!!! I will not be using it again.

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  • alannadegroot By  alannadegroot    

    i straighten/blow dry my hair a lot, this product help save my hair from having really bad heat damage

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  • countrygirl1 By  countrygirl1    

    it made my hair feel dirty!

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  • iloveny By  iloveny    

    it says spray right before you straighten your hair but i tried that and i think it ruined it even more!

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  • crystalkitten By  crystalkitten    

    This product worked almost as well as my Aveeno Nourish. I thought it was great, although I only used the sample I received so far.

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  • mchakir By  mchakir    

    It worked really well for me and my daughter.

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  • elizabeth562 By  elizabeth562    

    i like it

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  • minica123 By  minica123    

    i love i think i can try this.:)

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  • CaraSpeaks By  CaraSpeaks    

    I had used the Dove Shine Therapy hair care line for over 6 months before I decided to try something different. When I switched to the Heat Defense line I was confident that I would have no problems. Two weeks into my trial I noticed when washing my hair that it would come out in my hands in excessive amounts. I have since stopped using this product and have had no problems. I have sent an e-mail to the company, but havent heard from them yet. Anyone else have problems with this product?

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