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NETFLIX Movie Rental

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Haven't had a problem yet, but some of the movies we wish to see are unavailable, either they were never on or recently removed from the site (iis okay since everyone removed is replced by a new addition to netflix!

Love My family enjoys watching Netflix. It has a very large selection of different movies, sitcoms, and documentaries. I highly recommend this to any family!!

I absolutely love Netflix - I love the instant content that I can stream right to our xbox 360 - or when the rest of the family isn;t in the mood I can find a movie and watch it anytime on my laptop. My only complaint - and it is very minor considering the vast library is the lack on new release content. While I love older movies, movies lost and forgotten, and those I have never heard of - I never have less than 100 in my queue - however I would love to be able to ditch the redbox ( which I also love ) and get all my content straight from netflix.

Love Netflix !! I like that they have SO MANY choices. You would never be able to find all that they have at the local video store. The service is fast and I have never had a problem getting the movies I want. I also love the instant watch feature. I am able to watch old tv shows like Dragnet, Adam12, Emergency, etc. Also, they have lots of BBC and HBO titles to pick from. Since I do not get these channels, this is a bonus for me.

Our family loves netflix! They have so many choices and I never have to wait long for our movies to arrive. We actually got rid of some of our pay channels on TV since we are always watching our netflix movies. Everyone should sign up!

We have the two at a time plan and it is great! The turnaround time is really short and they have a large selection to choose from.

We love Netflix. It is our movie night together. It is our date-night time. =)

Great selection, quick turn around, and great customer service.

Netflix is the best. I don't own a television anymore and only use Netflix. I can watch my favorite shows whenever I want, have access to a huge selection of great movies (they come out really quickly on Netflix), and can watch instantly if I feel like something different. I have the three at a time plan, and always have something to watch. When I'm done with one, I post it and I get a new one before I'm finished with the others. Best business idea ever!

I love Netflix. I had Blockbuster online for a while, and they took forever to mail things and sent DVDs in random order instead of from the top of the queue. I switched to Netflix, and they are awesome! Movies always arrive the day after they send them out. They send things in order. They have so many different levels of payment-- we switched to getting 1 DVD at a time to save some money, and we use the unlimited watch instantly all the time. Much cheaper than having cable!

Netflix is great!! Not only do we rent all our movies through them, but it is how we watch T.V. as well! We rent the seasons of our favorite T.v. shows as they become available, then we watch them without the suspenseful wait & no commercials!! Netflix has a super fast turn around time, and they handle damaged dvd's fast without any problems. We have been Netflix members for 7 years and we have no intention of ever ending our service!!

We love Netflix- and will always subscribe.

i love it. quick, cheap, convenient. i like how they occasionally check in by email to ask when my dvd arrived-whether it was on time or not. very cool, great selection-no complaints!

I absolutely love it! Been a member for a little over a year, I love not having to go out to get a movie, I normally always have 1 or 2 at home. It is especially nice to come home on a Friday and have a few in the mail to watch over the weekend, without having to go out and spend $$ and hope you get a new release.

We have the unlimited three at a time plan and love it. We used to use Blockbuster but switched when they increased the price and limited the amount of movies you could pick up in the store. We live near a large city so the turn around time is one day. It is fantastic to have the DVD's come to the house and then drop them back in the mailbox. We also have an X-Box Live account and can view the instant movie selections on the TV. The selection of instant is limited but growing and there is plenty to keep me entertained.