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NETFLIX Movie Rental

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I love Netflix! What I love the mostr about netflix is that I go through marathons of my favorite series or organize slumber parties with my friend without having to rent or wait HOURS to charge! I love that I can control what y little sister is watching! If you have netflix you dont need tha actual TV, netflix has it all!

I love that I can make separate accounts so my kids can't get to the ones inappropriate for them. Very affordable! Easy to use. Only downfall is I wish there was more to watch. Still 5 stars though!!!

I absolutely adore Netflix. I don't have cable or anything like that. As a poor college student I love the price and having access to my shows wherever.It is easy to us and it has tons of choices and they are constantly updating the choices. Love love love Netflix!!

I actually don't have cable. I use netflix instead and love it. Its less money and I can watch things on my schedule.

Love the ease and convenience of Netflix. Used to subscribe to both streaming video & 4 DVD's in the mail at a time until they raised their prices! It was only $16 a month for 4 DVD's at a time and the on-demand streaming and one day it just went up to almost $50! Needless to say we cancelled all but the streaming which was $8 a month and we still have a subscription to that. I like the convenience but I don't like that the streaming doesn't offer as many choices and options as the in-home rental does. You would think there would be more options in the streaming bank since there isn't anything hard to mail out and wait to get back.

Who wouldn't like watching your favorite shows entirely without any interruptions from commercials. living in the country, there is not many things to do . i could sit all day watching all these. Netflix has such a wide variety. love love love! it .

Living in an area that snows, going out to Redbox isn't always the safest option when the roads are nasty. That is why my family loves Netflix. We enjoy the convenience and variety of programs offered. You also can't beat the price either!

Netflix is awesome. Used their dvd service at first and didn't want to wait for the next movie and decided streaming was best. Who needs cable?! We live on that stuff! Serioulsly! Now they have for kids, my kids love it! And for the price? Great and can't be beat.

Our family loves Netflix!!

I really don't have any complaints about Netflix. My husband and I have been subscribers for years. We get the instant movies and the DVDs. There is a HUGE selection of instant movies and television shows. We are never without something to watch-- currently it's Supernatural and the Andy Griffith Show ;)

I love Neflix! They offer great and prompt customer service. They are very affordable and have a great variety of movies and TV shows to pick from. You never run out of choices to pick from. It's always great to receive a DVD in the mail and if by chance there is something wrong with the requested DVD it's so simple to report and they get a new one out to you ASAP!

I have a subscription. I love that it has things for the kids to watch and for me. What ever I am in the mood for netflixs has. It is cheap and much variety.

Netflix is a lifesaver. I can't afford cable, but I don't really miss it. Netflix has most of the movies and shows I would like to watch. If they don't have it, I use Redbox, Amazon Instant Video, or other online sources.

Had it for 6 months. We always end up back to regular TV because the movies where old, not interesting or inappropriate for my kids. My kids never liked any of the kids programs and/or movies. Went back to cable :S

Netflix is awesome, always on at our house!