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  • justrelaxing By  justrelaxing    

    love these juices , every drink I have tried I have loved , they have a real taste with amazing combinations

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  • Msmizmo By  Msmizmo    

    Love the Blue Machine. It is loaded with all sorts of good things and if you're looking to get more fiber, this is an easy and tasty way to do it. Although the product is a little pricey, I try and keep a bottle on hand at all times. I also like the mango, but I think the blue machine is the best.

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  • hiphopdancesocks By  hiphopdancesocks    

    Very good, but I find that there is no real nutrition in them, but they are a very good energy booster, and there is nothing bad in them

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  • kartogis By  kartogis    

    THe Mango one and the Protein shake work better than coffee on an empty stomach for an energy boost and healthy servings of fruit/veges!

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  • bigt619 By  bigt619    

    I loooovvveee these drinks!! :)

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  • FeliciaBauer By  FeliciaBauer    

    Love these! Carrot is my favorite.

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  • lanichelle By  lanichelle    

    I usually get the mango well being one, and it's delicious! It has plenty of nutrients, but it's not low calorie so it's usually a smaller glass and it still feels sinful. It goes a long way if you don't drink a lot at a time so the price dosen't feel that bad.

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  • Lizzlebit By  Lizzlebit    

    The price is definitely a down side but I have to agree that these are yummy, satisfying, and healthy as they do offer lots of fruits and veggies. The green machine is also my favorite, although the color looks a little odd or even gross--its definitely the best tasting one I've had ever! Now I'm craving one...

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  • bdesarro By  bdesarro    

    I love these! I am not a big veggie fan at all, so i love to drink these. I stock my fridge with an assortment of them. Mango and Green Machine are my absolute favorites. Green Machine looks scary, but it is sooo good. Yummy!

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  • tiiuona By  tiiuona    

    great drink, however it is expensive and therefore don't have very often

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  • Illeana By  Illeana    

    This is one of my all time favorite beverages. Sure it may be a little spendy, but not much more than a coffee. Plus it gives you a pound of fruit in every bottle, tastes delicious and is refreshing. I would definately tell everyone to at least try it.

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